Red Shell

Level/s Encounted

Menhir Hills, Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, The Iron Mountains, Crow's Nest


Yellow (Skull printed on the back)


Sprint, Wall-running


They appear in many levels to aid Rayman cross dangerous terrain.

The Yellow Shell, is the most common shell in Rayman 2. First introduced in The Menhir Hills, these shells are tamable by Rayman, and allow him to ride them through tough and danerous terrain.

Spawn Locations

Menhir Hills - From dog houses present in parts of the level

Whale Bay - From generators placed in the small base near the beach

The Walking Missile

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The Walking Missile is a yellow shell that reappeared various times throughout the game. After its first initial encounter with Rayman, it began to grow fond of him, and thus aided him many times. This shell was only tamed in the Menhir Hills, and since then was able to be riden straight off.

Also, this shell appeared in the final cinematic, at Rayman's Death; alongside Polokus, Globox's Wife, Baby Globoxes, and The Teensies