Whale Bay







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Beach, water, caves


Rayman, Carmen the Whale

Whale Bay is the eighth level in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. It is the only level in which swimming is a major part of the level.


After freeing Globox, Rayman comes to Whale Bay and finds Carmen the Whale. Rayman frees her, and they escape from the pirates.


Part One

From the level start, you can do two things. Either you walk down the corridor on the left and fight a Barrel Pirate just around the corner, or you jump into the water tank on the right - when you've defeated the Barrel Pirate you still need to go back and jump in the water. When you're in the water, swim through an underwater tunnel to a second tank in the Barrel Pirate's room. Hit the switch and jump out of the tank. Go through the door. Use the nets to reach the other end of the canyon. Here, a pirate will attack you from far away. Kill it, and walk to the far right corner of the area. Jump up the barrels, climb to the little room, and jump onto the balcony. From here, shoot the switch and go through the now open doorway at the other end of the area. Avoid the rolling kegs and make your way to the end of the corridor. You will see a sleeping pirate on an island; kill it. Take a keg from the dispenser at the right side of the area, throw it at the door on the other side of the island, and break the cage behind it. Now jump on the palm trees, and use the purple lum to reach the tunnel.

Part Two

Jump in the water, and turn around. You will see Carmen in a cage. Swim into the tunnel to the left of Carmen. Grab blue lums to refill your air. Don't let it run out! At the other end of the tunnel, jump out. Go down into the room, and hit the switch to the right. Now go back and ride the walking shell through the corridor and over the water tank. Jump off just before you reach a bandaged door.

If riding the shell is too hard, you can swim back through the tunnel to the lake.

Behind the door, move forward and break the cage here. On the left is a passage, leading out into the lake. Swim to Carmen and follow her into a tunnel.

Part Three

You're still underwater. Follow Carmen. Grab her air bubbles - they function like blue lums, giving you air. Piranhas will soon come and try to eat the bubbles; shoot at them to chase them away. When Carmen reaches the wreck of a pirate ship, leave her and swim through the tunnel to the surface. Go outside the room. You're in a lake, in the middle of which lies a crashed pirate ship. Climb onto the pirate ship and use the net beside the mast to reach the top of the mast.

If you walk to the right and shoot the purple lum, you can reach a cage hidden in the ship's crow's nest.

From the top of the net, walk to the left and jump off the end of the wooden beam. Hover to the stream, and slide down it. At the end, use the net or hover down to reach a cave in the cliff. Lure the Ape Pirate here to the edge of the cave - he'll fall into the water and die. Shoot the cage. A Teensie will come out. Climb up the nets, and go into the cave. Here, the portal to the Hall of Doors wil be summond.