Shell at rayman's funeral

The Walking Missile at Rayman's 'funeral' in the conclusion

The Walking Shell is a famous shell turned good. Ever since Rayman had first tamed it. It seems to get fond of Rayman riding it.


The Walking Missile doesn't seem to have much of personality. Other than, attacking Rayman on first sight by ramming into him and exploding on impact. However, at the conclusion it's shown to be sadden during Rayman's 'funeral' due to his supposed demise. Thus, showing that it had grown fond of Rayman.

Shell Appearances

  • The Iron Mountains
  • The Crows Nest (Final Battle again the Grolgoth)
  • The Conclusion

Walking Missile's Abilities

In the Iron Mountains level, the shell gains the ability to walk along the walls; and this is used to climb along the outside of the fortress.

Also, it appears during the 2nd phase of the final level (The Crow's Nest), At this time, the shell gains the ability to fly. In this phase, you have to navigate the shell and collect silver bullets. Then, aim them at the Grolgoth's hands, in order to the defeat the boss.