General Information
Age All different
Species Humans
Occupation Exterminators
Country Earth
Family Unknown
Friends Themselves
Rivals Rabbids

Verminators are enemies to the Rabbids encountered in the video game, Rabbids Go Home. They are humans who have volunteered to get rid of the Rabbids after they start causing chaos on Earth. There are five types of Verminators; vermijumpers who jump into the air and belly flop bomb the Rabbids, Vermipenguins who run at Rabbids and headbutt them, Vermitorches who fry Rabbids with flame torches, Vermitops who spin at the Rabbids, and Vermitanks who are armoured and joust with the Rabbids. Later in the game, normal humans will wear smaller versions of the suits. These types are much faster. Verminators often use dogs which attack the rabbids but can sometimes pull them over. Verminators also somewhat resemble the Pyro from Team Fortress 2.

The name 'Verminator' is a mix of the words 'vermin' and 'exterminator', showing how much the humans hate the Rabbids (calling them vermin).


  • The first Verminator that you encunter has no attacks and is yellow. He also appears in the Verminator teaser trailer.
  • In the Verminator teaser trailer, it is shown a military general is commanding them. However, this is not in the game. Instead, it is started by a man who starts fighting against them.

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