After placing the two orbs on the pyramids, Umber comes to life and you must stand on his head for him to take you the second mask

Umber is the Mask Guardian of the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire. He is the second guardian who Rayman must 'fight'.  He appears in all Rayman 2 console games. He is also the only guardian who isn't a Grolem.


After skating down a huge slide, the player must locate two glowing orbs and place them on their respective pillars. Once this objective is completed, Umber will come to life and walk into the lava filled pathway in front of him. He will stop after a moment, at this time the player must get onto his head by using Purple Lums.  When on his head, Umber slowly treads through the lava towards the second Mask of Polokus, the player must leap from his head and onto the path in front whilst Umber sinks from veiw behind, into the lava.

Although he might look like a boss that is going to attack you, Umber is the only guardian in the game that you don't have to fight.

Rayman 2 (Playstation)

In the PSOne version of Rayman 2, he is called Colossus and, after walking through the lava, instead of sinking, he warns Rayman about the Ninjaws and the elite Robo-Pirate warriors.


It should be noted that the second mask resembles Umber's face.

Umber's name could be based on the word ember which means a small peiece of coal that is burning.

He is the only guardian that does not fight Rayman.

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