The Trumpet is an enemy in Rayman 1. In the GBC version, they are rounder in appearance and cannot be

Trumpet in Rayman Advance

interacted with, as they are all located behind walls. They appear in the first and last level oif they second world, "Airy Tumes". They are only in the second level of Allegro Presto in the world called Band Land. They blow blasts of wind to throw Rayman to the next platform. They are usually found in groupings like this:

Trumpet, platform, jump, platform, trumpet, platform, jump. Between those platforms, Rayman picks up speed from the boost that the Trumpet gave him, to throw himself to the next Trumpet, and so on and so forth. Some Trumpets however, are broken, and make odd, dried out noises when they try to play.These types of trumpets can blow Rayman backwards.


The Trumpets are a bit less detailed than real trumpets, but they generally look like one. The Trumpets also have sad looking eyes, and they appear to wear the same shoes Rayman wears. They also have hands.