The Woods of Light







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The Fairy Glade


Grassy, hills, water


Rayman, Murfy, Baby Globoxes, The Teensies

The Woods of Light (in some versions known as The Clearing) is the first level in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. It starts immediately after Rayman and Globox escape from the pirate prison ship, The Buccaneer. It functions as a tutorial level and multiple main characters are introduced in this level.


Evil Robo-Pirates have invaded Rayman's world - the Glade of Dreams - and have captured most of the world's many inhabitants. Rayman is brought to the pirates' prison ship; the Buccaneer. Rayman is thrown into a jail cell and meets his friend Globox, who gives him a Silver Lum. Some of Rayman's magical powers are restored, and Rayman can now shoot with his fist. He smashes a grate in the cell's wall, and Rayman and Globox slide down a ventilation shaft. They manage to escape, but fall out of the ship, which is flying high in the sky. Rayman and Globox get separated. Rayman wakes up in the peaceful Woods of Light, and starts looking for Globox. He meets Murfy, learns that Ly the Fairy has been captured by pirates, and frees some Teensies who grant him access to the Hall of Doors.


This level is very short and simple. If you see a square stone on the ground with an image of Murfy on it, walk on it to summon Murfy, who will teach you the game's controls.

From the starting point, follow the river. Soon, you will see a metal cage. Hit it twice to break it. Take the yellow lum that comes out of it by walking through it. Now fall down the waterfall. Take any lums you come across.

Proceed upstream. Under the waterfall at the far side of the valley is another lum - don't forget to take it. Now climb on the bank. You will find three Baby Globoxes. They will tell you where the pirates took Ly the Fairy to. Walk through the tunnel, and in the large room stand between the pillars. Now press jump repeatedly, and you will climb up. At the top, smash the cage. The King Teensie will use the yellow lums you collected to open up a portal. This will end the level and will take you to the Hall of Doors, where you can start the next level. If you haven't collected all five lums, go back and find them.


  • The level can be accessed again via the Hall of Doors in most versions of the game, however there is no way to return there in the PlayStation 2 game. In the PlayStation 2 version, the level has been changed and includes many more plants and wildlife.
  • In the PlayStation version, there are twice as many lums in this level and only one cage. Murfy is replaced by Ly.
  • In the Dreamcast version, there is a Purple Lum near the end of the level that will take you to a special area, Globox' Village.