The Walk of Life


Sublevel of 4





Accessed via

The Bayou


Grassy, hills, water


Rayman, Ly

The Walk of Life is a sublevel of Rayman 2: The Great Escape, accessed via the fourth level, The Bayou. Playing this level is not required, but since this level has yellow lums you need to play this level to complete the game 100%. This level cannot be played until a certain amount of yellow lums are collected in other levels.


Ly the Fairy has found a way to help Rayman by fully restoring his health. But first, Rayman needs to reach the end of the level before the time runs out. This level is very similar to The Walk of Power.


This level is simple; follow Ly (you don't need to beat her) and complete the level before the time runs out. There are glowing lily pads in this level; when you walk over them, you get extra time. The lily pads also serve as green lums (i.e. checkpoints). There is no fighting in the level. Start by sliding down the hill, jump from one cobweb to the next, and pick up the extra time. Go down to another cobweb, follow Ly into a cave, and run over the collapsible wooden bridges (extra time is here) to the vines. Climb them. At the top, more extra time can be found. Move forward, into a niche where you must climb another vine. Use the cobweb to jump into the cave. Now hover down to the ground. Extra time located here. Jump again, run through a tunnel, and jump from one bit of land to the next (the last extra time is here). Jump on one final cobweb, onto the ground again, and run into the tunnel to the end of the level. Ly will perform a magic dance, your health will be restored, and a Teensie will summon the end-of-level portal. When completing the level again, Ly will say whether you've beat your old record, but beating it is not necessary to get your health boost.