The Sanctuary of Water and Ice







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The Bayou

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The Menhir Hills


Caves, beach


Rayman, Axel, Polokus

The Sanctuary of Water and Ice is the fifth level in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. In it, Rayman finds the first mask of Polokus.


Rayman finds the first sanctuary holding a mask of Polokus. The sanctuary has many streams of water in it, and it is icy cold. After entering it, he fights the mask's guardian, Axel. When he has killed Axel, Rayman takes the mask and is teleported to Polokus. Polokus explains that he is far away and can only speak in dreams. Rayman can bring Polokus back to the Glade of Dreams by finding all four of his masks, hidden in sanctuaries. Rayman places the first mask on Polokus' pillar and is teleported away by Polokus.


Part One

Before you can enter this level, you will see a cutscene in which you meet the King of the Teensies in their council chamber. If you have at least 100 yellow lums, you may do this level. If you don't have the required amount yet, you must replay previous levels to get more lums.

You will arrive on a beach. Move to the left, and you will encounter a drilling pirate on the cliffs. Kill him - he will constantly move around with this drill. Now climb up the cliff to a cave. On the far side, there are nets; climb them.

On the beach, if you walk along the water's edge, you will come to a pier with a cage hanging at the end. In the cave, you can swim through an underwater tunnel to a small cave with another cage.

At the top, walk to the strange big door in the cliff. Kill the pirate that appears. Now walk to the pirate building on the right. There is a keg dispenser on the balcony; use the kegs to destroy the doors with bandages on them. In each of the buildings, a magic sphere can be found. Take a sphere (Murfy will come and explain what the spheres do at this point), and carry it back to the big door in the cliff. Now throw it on the piramid that has the same colour as the sphere itself (this can be yellow or blue). When you've done that, the pyramid will start to sparkle. Repeat these steps to obtain the other sphere (in the other pirate building) and throw it on its pyramid. The door will open, and you can pass into the actual sanctuary. Walk down the corridor. In the hall at the end, lots of yellow lums can be found on the stairs. When you're ready, walk into the starry passageway.

Part Two

Now you're in strange area with a starry sky. Slide down the slope. You need to slide down a long way, jumping from platform to platform. At the end, you will find Axel - the sanctuary's guardian. Swing from one purple lum to the next, moving towards Axel. He will fire icicles at you; avoid them. If you hit an icicle, you will fall down and have to start again from the start of the room. When you've reached the last purple lum, shoot the big icicle on the ceiling. It will drop down on Axel's head, destroying him. Axel will release another purple lum - use it to reach the building at the end of the room. Walk through the waterfall, down the corridor, and into the grassy circular room. The pillar in the middle is where you will find the first mask of Polokus. A cinematic will play, wherein you give the mask to Polokus.