The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire







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Caves, lava


Rayman, Umber, Polokus, Murfy

The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire is the ninth level in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. In it, Rayman finds the second mask of Polokus.The level is designed like a labyrinth, with many dead ends, detours and passages branching off the main route. This level also features the most plum travelling in the whole game.


Rayman finds the second sanctuary holding a mask of Polokus. The sanctuary is located in a volcanic area, and has many streams of lava running through it. Before entering the actual sanctuary, Rayman has to traverse a large area with many caves and lava. Inside the sanctuary, Rayman meets the mask's guardian, Umber. Umber is, unlike the other guardians, not hostile and helps Rayman to reach the second mask. Rayman is them teleported to Polokus, to whom he gives the mask.


Part One

Before you can enter this level, you will see a cutscene in which you meet the Kings of the Teensies in their council chamber. If you have at least 300 yellow lums, you may do this level. If you don't have the required amount yet, you must replay previous levels to get more lums.

You will start the level at the top of a canyon filled with river of lava. Jump down towards the bridge of rock. Now jump to the ground on the other side of the lava. A pirate will attack you; kill it. Jump onto the net at the base of the tower to be propelled to the walkway above. To the right is a sparadrap; shoot it to reveal a purple lum. You can now swing to the ground on the other side of the lake of lava.

If you turn around you can shoot another sparadrap. It will release another purple lum. Use the first purple lum to swing back to the tower, and then shoot the second purple lum to reach a Power Fist.

Go through the passage. You will be attacked again by a pirate. After killing it, jump on some more ledges into the cave in the cliff. Here, you will see a plum (the large, round, purple fruit growing from the tree). Shoot on the plum to knock it down. Now you can jump on it. You can use it to float across the lava. Shoot in the opposite direction of where you want to go, to move. You can also jump up from the plum, onto the cobwebs hanging on the ceiling, to move forward.

You can use the plum to go back instead of forwards - there are two hidden caves in the beginning of the level, each with a cage. If you float back outside and immediately turn right, you should soon find a passage in the cliff. Jump off the cliff and run in. You will find an Ape Pirate. Throw a plum on its head to reach the cage here. If you use the plum to go all the way back to the beginning of the level, you will find a tunnel there - go in. Throw a plum on the spike in the lava pit so the plum is stuck onto the spike - you can use it as a platform now. On the other side, throw a plum on the horizontal spike and stand under it. It will soon fall off. Now throw it onto another spike and catch it again when it falls off. Finally, stand on the plum to reach the passage above. You will reach the cage (which is underneath the net at the base of the tower you climbed in the beginning of the level).

In the cave where you found the first plum, go forwards. You will be attacked by caterpillars. After going round the corner, jump onto the metal platform, shoot another plum, and use it to float across the pit of lava. Climb up the ledges on the other side. You will come to a grassy area. Use the plum growing from the tree to travel on the lava here. You can go either left (upstream) or right (downstream) here. The way to the end of the level is to the right, but going left is not entirely useless since there are a lot of lums and cages there.

If you go left, read on at part two.

If you go to the right, follow the stream. At the end, jump into the passage.

You can also jump on a metal platform just after the grassy area. Walk through the tunnel, and jump to the metal platforms on the left. Walk around the corner. There is a cage here, guarded by a pirate. Once you're done here, go back and jump on the metal platforms until you reach the end of the passage. Now jump into the passage.

Now you're in a cave with a lot of rocks. You must fight a mini Jano here. He will jump around in the cave, hiding behind rocks. Sometimes he will come out and try to hit you. When you shoot him, he will retreat again. Keep shooting at him until he is dead. A plum will appear. Stand on it to reach a passage in the cave's wall. Walk down the passage. Jump onto the cracked stone floor at the end - it will collapse, but that's okay.

Read on at part three.

Part Two

From where you turned left, go up the lava stream. You will come to a circular room. Jump off the plum and go into the passage.

You're in the temple now. This temple does not contain the mask, and at the end of this part you will return to where you chose to go left - choose to go right at that point. From the start of the temple, jump to the platforms in the lava and from there to the ledge on the right side of the room. There are a couple of flamethrowers on the wall here, shooting fire from time to time - be careful. Walk onto the bridge (you can reach a cage from here, which is on the pillar to the right of the door) and fire on the door to break it. Jump to it and pass through. Shoot the stalactite so a chunck of rock falls down into the lava, creating a platform. Use it to reach the other end of the room.

Turn left, then right. Shoot another stalactite (there is a cage here as well) and jump to the ledge on the other end of the room. Jump back again at the end of the ledge, and walk forward. Shoot the bandage on the pillar to make it fall down, forming a bridge. Walk across, bring down another pillar, and walk across that one as well. Jump down, and hover down the corridor to the platform at the end. Move forward and shoot a stalactite. Now jump to a small round stone platform. It will start to float on the lava. Just stay on it until it goes no further; then jump off.

Jump on the stone blocks and make your way to the top of the room - there is a cage here. Keep moving; from time to time, a fireball will be shot at you. Walk into the passage. There are small spiders here. Shoot them once to get rid of them. Use the purple lum to swing across the room. Go down the corridor, and jump on the floating stone platform. When you get near a flamethrower, shoot a stalactite and jump on it - but jump back to the platform when it has passed the flames. When you're at the stairs, jump to them and go right at the top. After going round the corner, you'll be in a room with three doors. Shoot them to destroy them. Behind the middle door is a cage and a Power Fist, behind the right one are a few red lums, and behind the left one is a giant spider and the way out. Go through the left door, and turn left. Go down. You'll find a tame walking shell; ride it. The path is very narrow. You can walk across lava, and you have to jump across gaps. At the end, crash the shell into the door and walk through.

Now you're in the area of part one again, at the top of the circular room where you left. Walk across the log, then jump to the ledge on the other side of the room to get a few more yellow lums, then jump down. Use the plum to travel back to the grassy area where you chose to go left. Read on at part one, where you left.

Part Three

After falling through the floor, you're finally in the true sanctuary. A plum will fall down periodically. Use it to float on the lava. Move forward. You must steer around the patches of bright yellow lava, for the plum will be incinerated if it hits the yellow lava. Jump off the plum where the stream plummets down, hover, and land on the plum again downstream. You can also stay on the plum. Now, thorns will break through the walls and ceiling, trying to hit you. If you shoot at them, they will retreat. Go down the passage and down the hole at the end. When you've fallen down, go on and keep avoiding the patches of yellow lava. You can jump to the ground here, but you don't have to and you will have to move onwards soon when you do jump. You will come to this part again later on in the level. Go around the corner, and to the platform at the end. There, go down the passage.

There is a room with a cage here. When you're nearing the end of the stream, with only two patches of yellow lava in front of you, make a sharp right turn. In the right wall, just behind a patch of lava, is a tunnel. Float through it, and jump off the plum at the end. Use the cobwebs to climb all the way up. The cage is here. Jump down - you're above the stream of lava you just left. You can hover down to the platform you need to reach here.

Jump down to the platform. There is a yellow magic sphere here. Take it, and throw it down to the next platform. Follow it, but beware the caterpillars and rotating flamethrowers here. If you lose the sphere and it doesn't respawn where you can see it, jump down the platforms until you see a purple lum. Shoot it - it will take you to the beginning of the room again, and the sphere should be near. When you've arrived at the last platform, throw the sphere into the passage and follow it. Throw the sphere into the air, shoot the plum on the other side of the lava, and catch the sphere. When the plum is on your side, step on it. Throw the sphere into the air again, shoot to get the plum moving, and catch the sphere. At the other end, move forward and walk across the narrow pathway. Some caterpillars will come and attack you. You're now in a big, circular room. Turn left and throw the sphere onto its pillar. Now go to the other side of the room, climb up to the passage that just rotated, and go through.

You'll now arrive at a place where you've already been - the stream of lava after the thorns. The passage at the end of this room will rotate as well. Go there with the plum and go in. You'll come to a room filled with lava and with yellow lava on three sides. Jump on the plum, go down the stream, and shoot the door to break it. Be careful not to fall in the yellow lava. When you've opened the door, jump through the doorway and use the platforms to reach the opening in the opposite wall. A purple lum will fly over you. Follow it down a long slide. At the end, you'll be in the circular room where you placed the yellow sphere on its pyramid - only this time, you'll be on the high platforms near the walls. The purple lum will now allow you to go to the ground and up again freely. Walk to the blue sphere, which is on a high platform, and place it on its pyramid. The sanctuary's guardian - Umber - will come to life. He will help you to reach the mask of Polokus. Stand on Umber's head (use the purple lum for this). He will walk down a corridor filled with lava. While he is walking, he will sink. At the end of the corridor, just before you hit the lava, jump to the stairs. Walk up towards a circular room. The pillar in the middle is where you will find the second mask of Polokus. A cinematic will play, wherein you give the mask to Polokus. =D