The Menhir Hills







Preceded by

The Sanctuary of Water and Ice

Followed by

The Canopy (The Cave of Bad Dreams)


Grassy, hills, pirate structures


Rayman, Clark

The Menhir Hills is the sixth level in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. In it, you must ride many walking shells. This is the first level where Clark is encountered, and this level is halfway aborted during the first playthrough. You will need to do the sublevel The Cave of Bad Dreams first, then you can do this level again, this time finishing it.


In the Menhir Hills, the pirates have built two facilities: the Military Academy and the Elite Troop Training Academy. Rayman infiltrates these and meets his friend Clark the Giant. Clark is ill because he ate Robo-Pirates. Rayman goes to the Cave of Bad Dreams and obtains the Elixir of Life. He returns to the Menhir Hills and gives it to Clark. Together, they break out of the facility. Rayman leaves Clark and the Menhir Hills shortly after.


Part One

When you arrive in the Menhir Hills, Murfy will come and explain you have to somehow tame the Walking shell nearby so you can ride it. The shell will now come running towards you. Run away, for if the shell hits you, it will explode. The shell will follow you for a while, then it will become tired and stop. Now walk through it to ride the shell. With the shell, you can pass the thorns.

In the starting area, one of the menhirs has a switch on it. If you hit it, a nearby hatch will open. If you go down you will find a small room with a cage.

Now you're on the other side of the thorns, press jump to get off the shell. You can destroy the bandaged door with the shell here to get to a cage. Enter the building - the pirates' Military Academy - and kill the two sleeping pirates or sneak past them. The door between them leads to a cage. Go down the passage at the other end of the room.

Part Two

In the clearing, tame another walking shell. You have to use it to pass the thorns. Dodge the thorns that come out of the walls and floor.

In this part's starting area, you can use bouncy muchrooms to get to the tree's branches, and from there to a small building that holds a cage.

At the end of the ride, you arrive at another pirate facility - the Elite Troop Training Academy. Jump off the shell (steer it into the bandaged door; if you miss, take a keg) and kil the sleeping pirate on the ledge. Just around the corner is a switch; hit it, and pass through the door.

You can take the keg and walk to the opening on ground level nearby if you want a cage. With the keg in your hands, walk to the torch on the wall. You will set the keg alight and fly it (a technique that is introduced way later in level 10 - The Echoing Caves, although you can do it before that level). You will fly over a hole in the ground, and at the other end, a room with a cage is found. There is also a keg here so you can return.

Inside the building during your first playthrough, you will find Clark. He is ill because he ate pirates. He will tell you to go to the Cave of Bad Dreams in the Marshes of Awakening (level 3) to get the Elixir of Life - this will cure him. Go out of the building, down the stairs, and into the level exit. You have now only partly completed the level and after doing The Cave of Bad Dreams you must return to The Menhir Hills.

If this is not your first playthrough, you don't have to leave here. Clark will smash through a wooden wall. Walk through the hole, and climb on the crate in the corner of the room. Use the purple lums to reach the ledge high above the floor (there is a cage nearby) and drop down in the room behind the iron bars. Hit the switch so that Clark can come through. Now walk to the end of the corridor. Clark will smash another wall. Walk in. Here, you will say goodbye - you will meet him again in a later level.

Part Three

Now, once again tame the walking shell. You must ride up a steep slope (too steep to simply walk on) and then go through a tunnel.

In the starting area, you can go up the vines to the left for a cage. If you stand on the tree stump, you can shoot a purple lum leading to another cage on a ledge.

Here, no thorns will shoot out of the ground - this time, it's menhirs. They're very big so you don't have a lot of room to manoeuver. After the tunnel, go through a field full of menhirs crashing down; and finally, cross a bridge with more menhirs rising up out of the ground. In a cinematic, you will leap off a cliff, into the portal at the end of the level.