The Marshes of Awakening







Preceded by

The Fairy Glade

Followed by

The Bayou / The Cave of Bad Dreams




Rayman, Sssssam, Jano (minor appearance)

The Marshes of Awakening is the third level in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. Almost the entire level, Rayman must water ski through a swamp. This level also features the entrance to the sublevel The Cave of Bad Dreams.


Rayman, still looking for his friend Globox and now also for the masks of Polokus, finds himself in a swamp. He meets a friend, Sssssam, a water snake imprisoned by the pirates. Rayman frees him, and Sssssam helps Rayman by taking him through the swamp.


Part One

You will begin near a small lake with lily pads. Jump from one lily pad to the other, until you reach the nets on the far side of the lake. Climb up on the nets, and drop down on the other side. Smash the cage in the water; you will free Sssssam.

The entrance to the sublevel The Cave of Bad Dreams is located in this starting area. From the start of the level, jump on the first lily pads, then turn left and jump on the branch. Follow it (beware of the piranhas, Zombie Chickens and jumping eyes). It will lead to a cave, where the portal to the level is. You can only start this level after you have met with Clark in The Menhir Hills; so during your first playthrough, ignore that part of the level.

Sssssam will take you across the swamp. Shoot his red scarf; an energy beam will appear connecting you with him. You must now water ski, avoiding any obstacles (crates, zombie chickens, piranhas and a giant axe swinging from the ceiling). Sssssam will take you through several tunnels. There is a yellow switch on the right wall here; if you hit it, more lums will appear, but hitting it is not mandatory. At the end of this part, Sssssam will go round a lake twice, giving you more time to break the cages here. If you see a cage in the swamp, just move through it to break it.

Part Two

The second part is a continuation of the first part: keep water skiing. There will be more obstacles to avoid here - bombs, poles, and a shooting pirate - just keep avoiding the obstacles. Near the beginning of this part, there is a ramp on the left side of the tunnel that will take you to a wooden ledge, where a few lums are. You will be disconnected from Sssssam; just shoot on him again to start water skiing again. Move fast on the ledge; it will only last a few seconds before collapsing. You may choose to kill the pirate by hitting him if you wish, but this is risky and there is nothing to be gained from it. At the end of the level, Sssssam will drop you off on a part of land and with tears in his eyes say farewell. Break the nearby cage to summon the portal at the end of the level.