The Magician (or his real name as Ales Mansay in Rayman Origins) is a magical individual who has appeared throughout the Rayman series usually as a seemingly helpful ally but with his own goals to further.



The Magician

The Magician with his original look.

In the original Rayman game, he appears as a Rayperson, his physical design being the same as Rayman's, only his clothing and abilities appear to be different. He is seen with long blonde hair. He wears a purple coat with two blue buttons. He also sports a top hat with a star on it and carries around a magic wand or cane. His shoes are purple with pink stripes; and his eyes are never seen. He also shows the ability to disappear inside his hat.

Rayman Origins

In Rayman Origins, the Magician was redesigned to resemble a Teensie (it is unclear if this is the same character that appeared in the original game). He has fake grey hair strapped to his hat; which has also been redesigned slightly (with the star now placed in a higher position at the top of his hat whereas in Rayman 1 it is seen at the bottom of his hat). During the levels, he displays some wisdom and gives tips, and throughout the game, offers Electoons for the collected Lums which he then uses to power his machines.


Throughout most of the series, he always seemed to have a friendly and helpful nature, willing to help Rayman out on certain occasions and even seemed to be friends with Betilla.

However, behind his seemingly friendly persona, he is in fact a sinister and rebellious individual who is a loyal follower of Mr. Dark's and seeks to overthrow the divine Polokus, seeing him as nothing more than a creator of nightmares and desires to rule the world in the name of Mr. Dark, not caring at all about his old friends and creator.



Magician 3

The Magician collecting tings from Rayman.

He explains the plot synopsis at the beginning of the game. He is basically the narration for the game, as he narrates the ending scene as well.

His hat and the electoon collector is the symbol for saving the game. He appears in many levels to offer special minigames in exchange for a few tings. If you are away from him, his hat only appears and not his whole body. If you go close at him, his whole body comes out of his hat. If you don't have 10 tings or more, he will not allow you unless you have at least 10 of them.

Rayman Origins


The Magician, as he appears in Rayman Origins.

In Rayman Origins, the Magician has returned as a Teensie. Rayman and Co. will trade lums for the Electoons he has found at the end of each level. Players can smack his hat for helpful hints at the beginning of early levels.

Plot Twist!

However, in a plot twist, The Magician was a villain all along! He used the lums to power his fortress, full of deadly machines and lasers up in the Moody Clouds. When Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies confront him, he rips the star of his Hat, jumps on his desk, strikes a menacing pose, and pulls a Lever, sending the 4 adventurers into a pit. Here resided Mecha Daisy and Mecha Bird Queen. They are fought similarly to their living counterparts, except the fights are both shorter and harder. After looping right back into his (Magician's) room, he is scared by the fact that Rayman and the others are still alive. He then falls of his desk, and his hat falls off.

The Magician's true motives and allegiance are revealed.

However, the magician is not done yet, as he begins to mix a funky beat, and tricks Rayman, Globox and the Teensies into dancing with him. Little did they know, the Magician used this as a head start to escape them and his collapsing fortress. Rayman and Co. chased through the fortification, only for the little Fiend to escape on an airship. It seems all hope is lost, but Moskito and his friends show up just in time. Rayman's group and Moskito's group work together to pursue the fleeing Magician, eventually causing his airship to fly into the core of the fort, thus making the Fortress DETONATE causing a MASSIVE EXPLOSION!! Rayman and Co. Fall back down to the snoring tree, and resume lazing around, as if nothing had ever happened.

It was the Magician who placed the Microphone-flower in the Snoring tree. The noise was amplified down to the Land of the Livid Dead, which annoyed them, causing Rayman and co. to be preoccupied with battling them. The magician used this time to ready his machines and army. Also, he will be back in new Rayman sequel, in 2017.

Rayman Legends

It is shown that the Magician is not one singular Teensy but a group of 5 identical Teensies, alternatively known as Dark Teensies, with a goal of spreading chaos and kidnapping other Teensies. They are referred as "Dark Teensies" and are shown to have tamed the nightmares under their control. 

At some point, one of them is shown to be able to use magic to teleport and transform Rayman and friends into ducks (Fiesta De Los Meurtos).

After defeating a boss, they can be shot all the way to a moon within a flying pig constellation, where they are used as musical instruments by a curious species of unknown aliens that resemble demonic imps.


  • He is suspected to be the one who changed Big Mama into a monster in Rayman Origins.
  • When the Magician begins making a disco beat, your character will be tricked into dancing, though it depends on which character you are. Each character has unique dance moves.
  • You can see by the Magician's dance moves, his dance is similar to the former King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Though some fans think he is impersonating the King of Pop, this was never looked into.
  • In an unused dialogue in Rayman Origins, his real name is Ales Mansay, which is Pig Latin for "Salesman".
  • As a Ray-person, he is a friendly character but unfortunately as a Teensie, he is a villian.
  • In Rayman Brain Games, he is seen with no eyes.
  • In the Rayman Legends intro, his picture in the bubble which the Bubble Dreamer blowed it to show some nasty characters happening.