The Iron Mountains







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Tomb of the Ancients

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The Prison Ship


Grassy, hills, pirate structures


Rayman, Uglette, Pirate Shell

The Iron Mountains is the sixteenth level in Rayman 2: The Great Escape.

There are four seemly impossible lums to reach underneath 4 rocks after jumping from a hot air balloon. It is speculated that they can be obtained by using the rocket to lure the robotic machine to break the rocks. This process is a little glitchy as the surrounding hills will make the rocket jump around switching the gravity the rocket follows making you crash or come back to the ground correctly. In the 3DS version inbetween the outside and the rocket section, it is possible to glitch the game. The platform that holds a door with baby globoxes, it seems possible to jump up to it and look around. You can to it but it is hard to jump as at the top of your jump you need to activate your helicopter hair. Instead of grabbing the ledge or simply being high enough to land on it, you land on a invisble platform, jump over the railing and land on the platform. If you look around you see a small area in the shape of a triangle, if you walk into it you should either just be stopped by a wall or Rayman should start glitching around. Walk further and a few things might happen. 1) the camera shifts and shows Rayman in the wall, before landing on the floor below. 2) Doing the above without the camera shift or 3) the camera follows Rayman and you walk until you fall through the floor.