The Fairy Glade







Preceded by

The Woods of Light

Followed by

The Marshes of Awakening


Grassy, hills, water, pirate structures


Rayman, Ly

The Fairy Glade is the second level in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. It is a long level, especially considering it is one of the first levels.


After learning of Ly the Fairy's capture in The Woods of Light, Rayman infiltrates one of the pirates' strongholds and frees Ly. She gives Rayman a silver lum, increasing the power of his shots and enabling Rayman to use purple lums to access more areas.


Part One

You will start the level at the edge of a small lake. Cross the bridge. and jump on the mushroom on the island. You will be propelled to the vines that hang underneath the big branch above the island. Climb to the end of the branch. Now follow the passage. You will come to another small lake, infested by piranhas. Jump from one lily pad to another, avoiding touching the water. You can kill piranhas by shooting them. Climb on the ledges on the wall. You will come to the top of the big branch. Now shoot the switch, and a gate at the back of the first area will open. Walk through the gate.

You can swim in the water of the first lake. There is an underwater cave here with a cage. Another cage can be found at the far end of the branch (only reachable by walking on top of the branch, not by hanging to the vines under the branch).

After you've walked through the gate, slide of walk down the stream. You will arrive at another lake, polluted by oil. Don't try to swim here! Walk up to the metal structure, pass through it and climb on its roof. Now use the platforms to enter the passage above.

From the metal structure, you can jump to the right and hover to a floating wooden platform, which will start to move and take you to some extra lums.

Part Two

Walk to the giant tree, and climb onto the vines growing on it. A single Caterpillar patrols here. Climb up the tree, and via the branch at the top slide down a stream. You will end up at yet another piranha-infested lake. Use the vines hanging on the walls to climb all the way to the other side of the lake. Watch out for the piranha that jumps out of the water. At the other side, walk down the pasage.

There is a cage nearby, but don't waste time trying to reach it. It is located in a special closed off area, reachable via level 10 - The Echoing Caves. For instructions on how to get to the cage, see the article on level 10.

Part Three

You will arrive at the pirate stronghold where Ly is held captive. You will be bombarded by a pirate throwing kegs at you. Stand on the sparadrap (the metal hach with a big plaster on it) so the kegs will destroy it. Now fall down the hole.

There is a passage on the left side of this area, leading to another cage.

In the underground passage, jump from one wooden box to the other - avoiding the foul water - and then climb up the cobweb-covered wall, avoiding the kegs thrown at you. At the top, go to the left and into the corridor. Here, Murfy will instruct you how to fight. Now fight your very first pirate. After he is dead, kill the sleeping pirate (you can throw a keg - which spawn in this room - at the pirate to instantly kill him). Once both pirates are dead, you can climb on the grating to the nets hanging from ceiling. Climb through the opening in the wall, and drop down into the next room.

In the grassy area where the first pirate was, a metal door can be found. To destroy it, throw a keg obtained from the next room at it. Behind the door is a cage.

In the next room, you will be bounced around. You must hit the switch on the wall. Try to avoid the electric beam in the room. When you've hit the switch, jump through the newly-opened door. Kill the sleeping pirate here, and hit the switch. The electric door below will deactivate, so you can pass through.

Part Four

In the corridor, avoid the electric beams. You will come to a clearing, where Ly the Fairy is held in a forcefield. At ground level, there is a tunnel leading to a machine. Take a keg, and start walking towards the machine. The machine will fire flying bombs at you. Throw your keg into the air by pressing the jump button, shoot the bomb, and catch the keg again (if you don't move while the keg is in the air, you will automatically catch it). Now walk forward again, and repeat the above steps if another bomb appears. If you're at the far end of the room, throw the keg by pressing the shoot button. You will destroy one of the machine's weak spots. Now get another keg and destroy the other two weaknesses. When you've done that, the machine will be destroyed and Ly will be freed. Return to Ly, who will give you a Silver Lum! She will give you an important task: you must wake the spirit of the world, Polokus, by finding his four masks and bringing them to him. Now climb to the top of the area, shoot the purple lum here, and swing to the other side. Proceed down the corridor, stand between the two pipes, and press jump repeatedly to climb (just like you did in The Woods of Light).

Part Five

Continue your way, and fall down the large shaft with oil pipes.

There is a cage on one of the pipes, but it is guarded by a pirate. If you're in a hurry, simply fall past the pirate. If you want the cage, you may have to fight the pirate.

When you're nearing the bottoms up of the shaft, don't forget to activate your helicopter to slow your descent. Now walk through the passage. You will end up in the last room of the level. It is filled with air currents. While you're in an air current, your helicopter will take you up instead of down. Use this to fly up, changing currents when you can go no further. Some air currents will not take you further up (although they do contain yellow lums). At the top of the room, use the purple lum to reach the small wooden building. bitch, hit the cage. It contains a Teensie, who will summon the portal ending the level and taking you back to the Hall of Doors.