The Fairy Council is a level in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. It is the first level in the game, and contains six separate areas. The maximum possible score in this Level is 25,410. This area houses lots of fairies. Succeeded by: Clearleaf Forest


The Fairy Council is a very beautiful, colorful area. On the outside of the building, there is a lake. The inside hosts fairies. There are lots of shining objects and platforms. It's an all over amazing area.


Area 1 is mostly an introduction to the game. It starts with Murfy the Greenbottle carrying a handless Rayman through a Hoodlum infested zone. The player must collect the first six Red Lums to be able to progress. There are more Red Lums, but they are not mandatory. It is impossible to get points or get injured in this Area. After Murfy carries the player through this Area, he will drop Rayman down a hole into the next Area. Area 2 is the first Area in which Rayman himself is playable, although he has no hands and can only attack by kicking. After collecting everything in the first area, follow Murfy through the tunnel, jump up the mushrooms and continue. The game's first Red Jewel is near this part.. Continue on through the level normally, with Murfy as your guide until you reach Area 3. In the third room of this Area, Rayman will receive his first powerup: The Vortex. Area 5 is a very short area, but also contains the game's first secret room. Approach the throne to activate a cutscene in which the Teensies will tell Rayman he needs to take his friend Globox to the witch doctor in Clearleaf Forest, so Andre the evil Black Lum can be expelled from his stomach. In the final Area of the Fairy Council, Rayman will travel the teensie highway to the Clearleaf Forest.


When Rayman first enters the Heart of the World, go left until the player sees a column with a ledge peaking out, as there is no other column like this in the room. Climb up and go left on the 2nd floor. Then step on the switch, and go into the first secret room, full of all sorts of gems and jewels, including a green one at the bottom!

In the third area, across the wooden bridge is another first in the game: A Matuvu. Looking at it will earn the player 250 points

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