Rayman with Elixir
The Elixir of Life is an important item in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. It is a mysterious elixir capable of curing any illness. It is owned by Jano, the guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams, and stored in the skull piece of Jano's staff.
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Rayman 2

The Elixir of Life is in the Cave of Bad Dreams, guarded by Jano. After travelling to the Menhir Hills, Clark will tell Rayman that he got sick from eating too many Robo-Pirates, and request that Rayman finds the Elixir of Life to cure him. Afterwards, Rayman can enter the Cave, whose entrance is located in the Marshes of Awakening. Should Rayman try to enter the Cave before talking to Clark, Jano will deny him access. At the end of the level, Jano confronts Rayman, and asks if he wishes to take his treasure. When Rayman refuses, Jano says that he made the right choice, then takes off the skull piece of his staff and hands it to Rayman, revealing that the Elixir of Life is contained inside. Alternatively, Rayman can accept Jano's offer, which will lead to a fake ending showing an obese Rayman relaxing on a beach, as the words "The End" appear. The player will be taken back to the Cave of Bad Dreams soon after to make the right choice.

Elixer in menu