The Echoing Caves







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The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire

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The Precipice


Grassy, hills, caves, pirate structures



The Echoing Caves is the tenth level in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. This level introduces flying kegs. It also contains a secret passage to a closed off part of The Fairy Glade, allowing the player to get a cage that was unreachable before.


In search of the next mask of Polokus, Rayman comes to a pirate stronghold. He wants to get out of there and learns how to fly kegs. He uses them to fly through the Echoing Caves, and escapes from the pirates.


Part One

The four switches can be hit in any order - the shortest route is set out here.

You will start in a grassy area. There is a door here - the door the pirate used in the cinematic - which you will have to open by hitting four switches in this area. In the bottom right corner of the screen an indicator displays which switches you've already hit. At the start of the level, you will be attacked by a pirate. Kill it, and then walk up the stairs to the balcony of the building. The first switch is here. Now turn around, and jump across to the ledge. Jump down the hole and dive down into the water. Swim through the underwater tunnel to the other end, where the second switch is located in a room. Now swim back. Take the plum growing from the tree and throw it on the Ape Pirate in the corridor. Now use the pirate as a platform so you can reach the nets, and climb out.

At the clearing again, move forward and jump to the pillar in the black gap. Now jump to the next pillar, and on to the ground on the far side. Walk forward, and jump down the cliff. Fight the pirate here. He guards the third switch. After hitting the third switch, walk to the other side of the pool and hit the timed, round switch. Use the pillars that temporarily rise out of the water to reach a ledge, and then climb up the nets. Walk through the tunnel. You will come to a chasm with multiple moving platforms. The platforms will move up, and when they reach their highest point, flip and come down again. Jump onto the nearest platform, and when it is high, jump to the next. Repeat this until you reach the ground on the other side. Walk to the left, into the building, and hit the timed switch. Walk out through the door. The fourth switch is here. Now walk along the cliff to the left and jump off at the end. You can now walk through the door here that was previously closed.

Part Two

You're now in the caves. Take the keg, and walk past the torch to ignite it. You will now fly with the keg in your hands. If you want to get off, press the jump button.

You can throw the keg at a bandaged door before you take off; behind it is a cage.

Now follow the trail of yellow lums. Soon, you may jump off onto a wooden walkway, but you can keep flying if you wish. If you jump off, go left and use the trampoline to reach a cage above. Then jump down again and take the keg to fly on. Keep going through the tunnel. When the cave widens, choose which way to go. If you want to go to a special area in level 2 - the Fairy Glade - for a cage, follow the trail of yellow lums leading upward and left. Let go of the keg, and jump down the hole. If you want to finish the level quickly, just keep straight through and get off where the Ape Pirate stands. Lure the pirate into the water. Now take the keg, and turn around. Walk past the torch, and fly up. There is a switch on the opposite wall; let the keg ram into it. Now walk back to the keg dispenser; the door will have opened. Walk through.

The Fairy Glade

This part takes place in a special, closed off area of level 2 - The Fairy Glade. It can only be accessed via the Echoing Caves.

You will land at a ledge, surrounded by thorny plants. Behind them, you can see the pirate building you'll be entering soon. Turn around and go down the hole. Walk out on to the bridge. In the direction of the building, you'll see a plum. Shoot it, and then jump to it. Now start moving. Pass under the bridge. Go to the cobwebs on the wall, and when you reach them, jump to them. Climb left as far as you can go, then jump to the wooden pillar in the water. Jump to the next pillar, and then hang on to the cobwebs spun across the canyon. Move forward; kill the caterpillars that attack you. At the end of the web, jump onto solid ground. Use the purple lums to reach the wooden pillars in the distance. Jump from pillar to pillar until you reach a wooden platform. A pirate will throw kegs at you from above. Stand on the sparadrap so the keg destroys it. Now jump down the hole into the passage below. Go up into the room. There is a sleeping pirate here - kill it if you wish. The cage is in this room, behind some bars; you can shoot through the bars, however, and the lums it contains will pass through as well. Jump into the hole in the floor in front of the pirate's seat. You will be taken back to the corridor in the Echoing Caves where you left. Jump down to the Ape Pirate. Lure the pirate into the water. Now take the keg, and turn around. Walk past the torch, and fly up. There is a switch on the opposite wall; let the keg ram into it. Now walk back to the keg dispenser; the door will have opened. Walk through.

Part Three

You're now at the beginning of another tunnel. Take the keg, and throw it upwards if you want to break the cage. Now walk past the torch with a keg and fly through the tunnel. At the end, jump off - preferably by smashing the keg into the pirate waiting for you. When you've killed the pirate, hit the timed switch so the metal gate goes up. The switch can be found on the wall near the metal gate. Now walk around the rock wall, take the keg, and fly forward.

There is a cage here. From where the keg is, walk back a bit, but don't go through the wall - jump into a niche in the wall, where you will bounce from a net to more nets hanging from the ceiling. Follow the nets - the cage at the end.

Fly through the tunnel. When you come out of the tunnel, fly up towards the nets on the opposite wall. Climb to the left, and jump onto the wooden walkway. Walk to the left, take the keg, and fly a short distance to another platform across the room. Climb onto the roof of the building and walk left. Shoot the cage; it contains a Teensie. Now walk back, onto a ledge overlooking the sea. A patrolling pirate warship can be seen in the distance. On the ledge, the Teensie will take you back to the Hall of Doors.