Rayman 1

The Caves of Skops is the fifth world in Rayman 1. The Caves of Skops contains four areas and a Save Point. These three areas are The crystal palace, Eat at Joes and Skops´ Stalactites.Crystal Palace is a short level with a lot of purple rings. In Eat at Joe´s Rayman meets Joe in his diner next to a sea. His electricity system doesn´t work and Joe gives Rayman a firefly to light up the dark in the Caves. After Rayman punched a plug to make the system work again he can take the way back over flying saucers. Thankfully Joe spreads out baloon over the sea allowing Rayman to pass. In Mr. Skops´ Stalactites Rayman finds Mr. Skops peacefully sleeping. Unfortunately he is to big and Raman cant find a way through so he wakes him up. Mr. Skops is angry about that and attacks Rayman. After the scorpion has been defeated there is a cutscene with the kidnapped Betilla telling Rayman "Rayman please help me! Hurry!"


The Caves of Skops is a dark and rocky area, Much like the Blue Mountains, but even darker and damp. There is no grass at all and the stone is purple instead of blue.






The Cave of Skops' Main Theme:


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