The Cave of Bad Dreams


Sublevel of 3





Accessed via

The Marshes of Awakening




Rayman, The Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams

The Cave of Bad Dreams is a sublevel of the third level, The Marshes of Awakening, in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. Access to this level is granted after level 6, The Menhir Hills, is partly completed.


In the Menhir Hills, Rayman finds his friend Clark, who reveals that he became sick from eating too many Robo-Pirates. He asks Rayman to go to the Cave of Bad Dreams to obtain the Elixir of Life; which will cure him. When Rayman arrives at the cave, he finds the Elixir is guarded by Jano who is known as The Guardian of the Cave of Bad Dreams. Rayman must defeat him and withstand the temptation of a treasure to get the Elixir needed to save his friend.


Part One

If this is your first playthrough, you must go to The Marshes of Awakening (level 3). From the start of the level, jump on the first lily pads, then turn left and jump on the branch. Follow it (beware of the piranhas, Zombie Chickens and jumping eyes). It will lead to a cave, where the portal to the level is. Also note that you will not be able to enter the level until you have completed The Menhir Hills

You will start in a cave with thorns on the ground. Walk forward. Use the purple lum to swing to a piece of land. Here, skulls will hall out of the air into the thorns. Use them as a bridge to reach the wall covered with bones. Be quick - the skulls will sink into the thorns. The wall with bones is climbable, just like nets. Climb up the bones, jump onto more skulls, and shoot an arm sticking out of the wall. It will try to drag you and damage you, but if you shoot it before you're in its range, it will retreat for a while. Jump to the bone wall, and then from pillar to pillar. The pillars will start to go down as soon as you touch them, so move quickly.

Shoot the arms in the corridor after the pillars, and jump between the moving walls to ascend. Do this swiftly, for when the walls move apart, you will fall. At the top, hover across the chasm, and kill the mini Janos who will appear in pairs and attack you - there are about four to six of them in total in this room. When you've killed the last one, it will drop a magic sphere. Throw it onto the pyramid, and go down the hole under it.

Here, you will need to find two spheres to open the door shaped like a mini Jano. Jump onto the ledge on the left, and choose which way to go: left or right. Left will lead to the blue sphere, right to the yellow one. If you take the left passage, you will enter a large chamber where big slabs of stone rotate. Use a skull to ascend, and then jump from one slab to the next until you reach the end of the chamber. The blue sphere is here. Now throw the sphere on a slab, follow it, pick it up again and repeat until you can walk to the pyramid. In the right passage, use the moving skulls to move forward, fly between the moving walls, kill the caterpillars and jump on the pillars. Use the skull to reach the ledge where the sphere is. Throw the sphere to the start of the room, follow it, and bring the sphere to its pyramid. Once you've activated both pyramids, the door's 'jaw' will drop down. Shoot the crystal and go down the hole.

Part Two

Jano finds you, and is hungry, but is wanting to eat you! Run forward, and slide down the slope. Shoot the crystals that are in your way, but if you hit them and get slowed down, Jano can eat you, respawning back to you where you were, before you decide to start again. While you're sliding, the camera will be in Jano's mouth, so you will see the game through his teeth. At the end, you must fight the now giant Jano. Dodge the fireballs, and move towards him. He will now start to generate skulls that will move towards you. Shoot them when they're near, so they will stop. Repeat these steps you you end up with a bridge of skulls. If you shoot too late the skull will bump into the last one, causing both to fall down. If you wait too long, they will fall down too. When you've reached Jano, he will jump away. Follow him, avoiding fireballs and making skull bridges between pillars. At the end, you have to make a very long skull bridge. When you've done that, a cinematic plays (during first playthrough).

If this is not your first playthrough, the level ends here, and you will be taken to the Hall of Doors.

In the cinematic Jano, in his treasure room, offers Rayman all the treasure to keep for himself. If you select to keep it, you will see a scene of a very fat, rich Rayman on a deserted island, with the rest of the world around him being a desolate plain. The scene ends with "THE END", but this is just a fake ending of the game and you will be returned to Jano's cave. Select to not keep the treasure, and Jano will teleport you back to the Marshes of Awakening. As a reward for not being greedy, he will give you the Elixir of Life. Now walk back to the start of The Marshes of Awakening (or do the level again) and play The Menhir Hills again. When you've reached Clark, you can now proceed and finish the level.

Tasty Rayman to be served on a platter

The fake ending.


  • In the Dreamcast version of the game, some skull bridges in the final fight with Jano have been replaced by moving stone slabs.
  • In the PlayStation version of the game, the Cave of Bad Dreams is not a sub level, but a true level that follows the Menhir Hills. This means that Rayman will not need to travel back to the Marshes of Awakening to find the cave's entrance.
  • In the PlayStation 2 version of the game, the Cave of Bad Dreams is located at the end of the Marshes of Awakening, which should only be visited once Clarks tells Rayman the name of the Cave. Unlike the previous versions, in which the Cave can be revisited, it can only be visited once.