The Canopy







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The Menhir Hills

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Whale Bay




Rayman, Globox

The Canopy is the seventh level in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. In the original game, this area appears to be Globox's homeland, however in the PlayStation 2 remake, Rayman 2: Revolution, Globox has a house on a cliffside, close by the second Teensie Stone Circle.


After freeing Clark, Rayman finally arrives at the area Globox is captured in. Rayman frees Globox, who gives him a silver lum. Now Rayman can charge up his shots before firing, making them more powerful. Together, they escape from the pirates in the area.


Part One

You start in a tunnel. Soon, a giant spider will drop down and attack you. You can choose to fight it, or to flee by climbing the cobwebs. There are two cages here. At the top of this area, walk into the passage, jump over the black gap (if you hadn't killed the spider yet, he will fall into it) and go down the hole in the ground at the end of the tunnel.

Part Two

Walk to the left, over the bridge. Kill the pirate and hit the switch. You will free Globox. Globox will now follow you. Return to the start of the part, and go to the door blocked by laser beams. Globox will do a Rain Dance to short circuit the lasers, disabling them. Behind the door you will find a chasm. Walk to the plant; Globox will water it with rain so it grows into a flying flower. Jump on the flower - it will take you across the chasm. Shoot at the bandage on the wooden pole. It will fall across the gap, so Globox can pass. Walk into the opening in the cliff. You will find a huge fire. Fortunately, Globox can extinguish it with his Rain Dance. Move forward, go into the passage and kill the pirate. Walk back to Globox (who ran away terrified) and he will remember he had a gift for Rayman - a silver lum! Your shots will now be upgraded; when you hold down the shoot button, it will charge up and do more damage when released.

Part Three

When you walk out of the cave, a pirate warship will appear. After firing some boms at you, it will explode. A tough pirate will jump out and from the opposite side of the canyon fire at you. Kill the pirate, and go to the door blocked by laser beams; Globox will use his Rain Dance to disable it. Walk through the doorway. Another pirate will appear in the passage - kill it. Now you arrive at the final room. The end of the level is located behind the pirate door, but it is guarded and will close as soon as you approach. Go to the small plant on the ground; Globox will use rain one final time to make it grow, so you can hide in it. Disguised as a plant, walk through the door. Smash the cage inside; the Teensie is contains will summon the portal to end the level.

In the final room with the plant, you can climb onto the pirate building to get a super yellow lum. There is also a purple lum flying above the ground, reachable from the pirate building, that will swing you across to a cage.