The Bog of Murk is an area in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.

The Bog of Murk

Begoniax along with Razoff the Fur-hunter are bosses here.

Preceded by: Clearleaf Forest

Succeeded by: Land of the Livid Dead


The environment is foggy and dark. At the start of the level, the swamp's trees are lined with Begoniax's clothes. It is always raining and the waters (black and blue) are infested with pirahnas (whom deal a lot of damage if they hit the player repeatedly). In the sky, there are strange creatures (with an elongated necks, hand-like heads and flippers) flying around. There large mushrooms, which you can leap across to get around the swamp. The waters are filled with pirahhanas who will converge on Rayman if he remains in the water too long and will be able to rapidly attack him, if they can continue their assualt, they will quickly kill him.


The level begins by Rayman falling out of the sky and straight into the chimney above Begoniaxes Outhouse. She shreiks in outrage and flees the toilet and returns to her shack. Rayman must follow. Rayman jumps on mushrooms to avoid the pirahnas in the water. The Throttle Copter is introduced here, which at first gives Rayman circular shapes on top of his head that resemble Mickey Mouse ears, possibly poking fun at the cartoon, after tapping the helmet on his head, the "ears" change into propellers, enabling Rayman to fly over hazardous areas that otherwise would be impossible to traverse.

Once the player reaches Begoniax's house, they will do battle with her. She appears to have created an unusual concotion which will morph Rayman into a frog on contact, but will also have the same effect on Begoniax. The player must deflect the potion and cause it to hit Begoniax. Once she is transformed, the player must chase her around the cauldron, the frog form makes her more vulnarable, so you are able to attack her. But the effects of the potion are tempory, so the process must be repeated several times to defeat her.

Then the player will traverse the swamp until Rayman reaches Razoff's Home. There you will fight him. In the first section of the battle, the player will run around his mansion, attempt to hit him and free creatures he's captured, who will give you red lums. Once he is defeated, The player will go into the basement where Razoff will attempt to kill Rayman with a wrecking ball. Once defeated a second time, Begoniax comes and distracts him, enough time for Rayman and Globox to jump through a mirror to the next world.

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