The Bayou







Preceded by

The Marshes of Awakening

Followed by

The Sanctuary of Water and Ice (The Walk of Life)





The Bayou is the fourth level in Rayman 2: The Great Escape. During almost the whole level, Rayman is being chased by a pirate warship, from which he must flee.


The level begins with a cinematic. In it, Admiral Razorbeard is informed that Rayman has entered the swamp. Angered, Razorbeard eats a yellow lum, lowering the total lum count of the game to 999 - it will stay like that for the rest of the game (this lum can be found again in a secret area of Tomb of the Ancients after you've collected all other lums). Razorbeard orders a warship to go and kill Rayman.


Part One

Right at the beginning of the level, to the left, is the entrance to a sublevel - The Walk of Life. If you have a certain amount of lums, you can start this level.

Still in the swamp, a pirate warship approaches. Jump on a floating wooden barrel to float forward - you can't swim in the water in this level. The ship starts to fire bombs at you. Shoot on the bombs to destroy them. Jump on a branch (there is a cage here), and then on another barrel which will take you the bottom of the canyon. The warship will leave you for a little while. Climb to the top, and hit the switch on the right. Now jump to the wooden walkways and run; they will soon collapse. Follow the path, until you reach a cave. A sleeping pirate is here. Kill him, and use the purple lum to swing onto another barrel. You will be attacked by Zombie Chickens. They will attempt to push you from the barrel, so shoot them. At the end of the stream, jump to the branch. The warship will return. Jump to the wooden bridges, and run forward into the cave before the bridges are destroyed.

Part Two

Go forward. Kill the piranhas here, jump over gaps in the ground and kill the pirates. Now you must walk on a path spiraling around the bark of a huge tree. Kegs will be thrown at you; dodge them. Walk into the corridor here; more kegs will be rolled into the swamp. Time your jumps right. At the end, you will see an evil tree in the distance with fiery eyes and a gaping mouth. Hit the switch, and the bridge will extend. Walk to the end of the bridge, and use the purple lum to land in the tree's mouth. Here you will be attacked by an Ape Pirate. Lure it back to the edge of the mouth, so it will fall down to its death. Walk forward, and hit the round switch. This is a timed switch - quickly run forward, dodge the pendulums, and pass through the doorway. Follow the rolling keg, turn left and jump on the trampolines to get to the top of the pipes. Smash the cage and the portal leading back to the Hall of Doors will be summoned.