The Tentakel is an enemy found in Rayman 1. There is only one in the whole game, and it appears in the first part

Tentakel in Rayman Advance

of Moskito's Nest, and also appears in the Rayman Advance remake.


The Tentakel may very well be one of the strangest creatures in the game. It appears to be a few yellow lumps on the ground, with a pair of eyes on them. There is a long, vertical part that comes from these lumps. There are five pairs of little, pink lips on this long part if the body. At the top, there is a huge pair of red lips. Tentakel moves by...well, just sliding across the ground, while making a squishing noise.


The Tentakel spits out (with a burping noise) Tall Livingstones and Short Livingstones that attack Rayman. Each time Tentakel is punched, it burps out another Livingstone. If it's not punched, it eventually spits them out on its own. There is no way to really "defeat" the Tentakel. Rayman just needs to get by it. The only way to do this is to punch the Tentakel in the big, red lips, and it'll fall to a big slump on the ground, long enough for Rayman to jump over it and continue on.


  • The word 'Tentakel' is misspelt as 'Tentacle' although it sounds the same.
  • When they spit out the Short Livingstones, they cannot duck when there are punches but sometimes, they can catch you if you come near it.

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