Teensie Highway

Rayman riding the Teensie Highway

The Teensie Highway is used to transfer between several worlds in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. Rayman navigates this by riding on a surfboard along special platforms.

The entire Teensie Highway is an odd place compared to other Rayman locations. It is composed entirely of special yellow or white platforms which can be ridden on by a surfboard. Rayman must use these to get to each location where a doctor is (after Fairy Council, Clearleaf Forest, and Land of the Livid Dead). The background of the highway is full of many 80's inspired patterns and music. Gems line many of the platforms. If Rayman falls off, he is picked up by a special teensie helicopter (that carries Globox since he is too big to ride a surfboard) and loses one point. He is then put back at a continuation point. The entrances are opened by a remote controller carried by some teensies.

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