Tall Livingstone

A livingstone with his hat over his eyes

Tall Livingstones are enemies that appear in Rayman in The Dream Forest, the first world of the game. They make a cameo of sorts in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc in the diagrams on the plum-posts, their bodies are shown placing the plums onto the posts. They also appear in several levels in Rayman Origins.


Tall Livingstones have pale, green skin with a long, black mustache. These enemies have no arms or legs but have hands and feet, similar to Rayman. The Tall Livingstones have pickle-shaped bodies and wear a stereotypical, tan safari hat, with a brown band on it. They have brown feet, shaped like Rayman's, and gloved hands. They also have long noses.


The Tall Livingstones do virtually nothing to hurt Rayman, besides walking into him. Although in Rayman Origins they'll whack Rayman with a stick.

How To Defeat Them

When punched, with the weakest force, they are thrown back a small bit, and then will become scared, their eyes will turn bright red, and they'll run away. When hit with a Golden fist, they fly up off the screen. Another way to kill them is forcing them to commit suicide.

Scared Livingstone

A scared livingstone running away from Rayman after he used the grimace

The Grimace, also known as the funny face, can be used to, for some reason, scare the Tall Livingstones silly, causing them to run away sometimes into the water, where they die.

For another amusing sight, try hitting a Plum onto a Tall Livingstone's head. It will get stuck on his head, with a big squishing noise, with his eyes being seen through the Plum, and will start moping around. Doing this then enables Rayman to jump on their heads, which is actually necessary in order to get certain items.

Rayman Origins

Tall Livingstones also made an appearance in Rayman Origins, in which they are called Lividstones. Although only the tall living stones appear, the shorter counterparts are not in the game. They look very similar to their Rayman 1 'descendants'. They are tall, green and, unlike in Rayman 1 where their limbs are attached to their bodies. They still have safari hats, but no white gloves. Their noses appear to be longer and curved downwards. In addition they can also kill Rayman unlike in Rayman 1. Most of them have weapons, the weapons being sticks that they twirl around when Rayman comes near, and eventually hit him with. Some will attack by waving their hands in a cowardly manner. Also, they are known to torment Lums by poking their faces, using their heads as deodorant, and bouncing them like basketballs. And lastly, they tend to scream when hit by a charged attack or being shot out while riding a mosquito.

Rayman Legends

The Tall Livingstones, called the Livingstones makes an appearance in Rayman Legends are known as the Warrior Livingstones. They are still tall and green, no gloves and the same appearance as the one in Rayman Origins with the connective limbs except they wear a minivest, blue pants with a rope tied at the waist area, a blue hat with a feather and holds a plank with a nail at the top as a weapon. When they try to attack Rayman, they scream sounding similar to an old man screaming and they attack by kicking or hurting Rayman with a plank. They have wooden shields to block the attacks and doesn't harm Rayman but it is too weak and he can damage it and hurt them. They act similar to the Toads from Toad Story by falling softly on a parachute, attacking Rayman and holding on a thin wooden pole to stay still.