The Summit Beyond The Clouds is an area in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. Rayman and Globox are chasing after Andre, trying to catch him after he escaped Globox's stomach. The boss in this area is the two helicopters.

Preceded by: Longest Shortcut

Succeeded by: Hoodlum Headquarters


It is located on the top of a mountain where is perpetually snowing. There is a ski resort located in the area, which leads to the Hoodlum Headquarters. It is also located right next to an ocean. There aren't too many hoodlums here.


In the first area, you are on a boat sailing towards the mountain. You have to shoot the enemy ships with your cannon, or they'll shoot your ship and you'll sink. Once you make it to shore, you hike up the mountain and fight the two helicopters, you fight them and climb the rest of the mountain and reach a ski resort, where Rayman must race Globox, who is trapped in an icecube, down the ski hill while snowboarding. If Rayman does not beat Globox, then they take the ski left to the top of the mountain, and the race starts over again. Once you beat him, you both are standing at the finish, where you both fall down the collapsed floor, through the mountain.