Rayman 1

Spike Balls are the blue spheres that have eyeballs and are covered in spikes. They are found in nearly every world in Rayman 1 and cannot be destroyed. Sometimes they remain stationary and other times they move at different speeds. They are usually seen together in clusters to make certain areas more difficult. Those are the different types that appear:

  • Steady prickly ball
  • Horizontally moving prickly ball 
  • Vertically moving prickly ball
  • Pattern following prickly ball - Moves in zigzag or rotation.
  • Big Prickly ball
  • Constantly swinging prickly ball construction - A big Spiky ball which constantly swings.
  • Activatable swinging prickly ball construction - A big Spiky ball which swings when punched.

Rayman Advance

In Rayman Advance spiky balls are a little bit brighter than in the other versions.

Rayman Designer


Green prickly balls in Rayman Designer

In Rayman Designer, a green version of the small spiky balls is found in the Jungle world. Although the color is different they are exactly the same apart from that. However, the blue ones do appear in the other worlds, except for the Image world where are several variants.

Instant killers

There are red prickly balls that can instantly kill Rayman.

Rayman (GBC)

Rayman 1 GBC prickly ball

A prickly ball in Rayman (GBC)

In this game, light blue, brown and yellow spiky balls appear in Airy TunesRocky PeaksFiery Depths and Dark Legacy (bonus). They can either be tiny or constructions out of multiple tiny ones and one big one as in the original game. Some are steady while others are vertically moving, horizontally moving, pattern folllowing or swinging. Often there is an invisible trigger that makes them appear right before Rayman takes that way.

Rayman 2 (GBC)

Rayman 2 GBC prickly ball

In this game mostly orange to red and rarely purple spiky balls appear in the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire. The orange to red ones are placed in the entire autoscroller level of the area and since the background is red to orange as well they are hard to see. Usally they are tiny and standalone but constantly swinging constructions rarely appear as well. In all the other levels bombs replace the spiky balls to make the game more pirate-themed.

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