Rayman M

Spellbound Forest

Spellbound Forest was the first Expert battle arena in Rayman M. This level can be unlocked by completing the Advanced battle arenas.



Rayman (GBC)

Spellbound Forest

The Spellbound Forest is the first area of the Gameboy Color adaption of Rayman 1. It is split up into four different parts. Overall there are 3 cages in the entire area just as 9 hidden lives

Part 1

The first part is a very short and very easy level without enemies or cages. Instead two lives can be found.

Part 2

This part is a little bit longer than the first but still easy. Anti-Toons, Piranhas ans Tall Livingstones are seen here for the first time. There are two cages in this part but only of them can be obtained during the first visit. There are three lives to be found, as well as the first bonus level.

Part 3

The third part is an upwards autoscroller. Here Rayman must avoid water. One cage and one life can be found.

Part 4

This is the most complex part of the level. Rayman has to ride across water with a plum while avoiding obstacles. One cage and three lives can be found, with two of the lives not being obtainable until Rayman has the the helicopter power. This level also features a bonus level.



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