Space Mama Miniboss

Rayman fights Space Mama in her pirate outfit

Space Mama is the fifth boss in Rayman 1. She uses a special rolling pin to fire beams at Rayman and rides in what appears to be a flying washing machine. She is harmed by punching her head at a certain time.

Earlier in Picture City, Space Mama is encountered as a miniboss (similar to Moskito). She and two pirate minions arrive on a large ship and start fighting Rayman. She will appear once the pirates are eliminated. She uses a sword in this fight, and is dressed as a pirate. Unlike Moskito, she is not befriended after the miniboss battle.

In the last level of Space Mama's Crater, she is encountered again as a boss. She is alone this time, however has much more hit points than before. This time around she is dressed as an astronaut (considered to be her main appearance) and rides in a flying washing machine. She uses bombs and a ray gun to hurt Rayman.


Space Mama

In Mr Dark's Dare, Space Mama is fused with Moskito and the next boss is a combination of her, Moskito, and Mr. Sax.


  • In each of her fights, she and Rayman appear to be on a stage, probably to suit the "artistic" theme of Picture City.
  • She is the only female boss, and (other than Betilla) possibly the only non-minor female character.
  • In her first form she is dressed as a Viking with a Viking suit and a Viking's helmet with horns.
  • In her second form she is dressed as an astronaut with a space suit and a space helmet that looks like a bubble.
  • Given her appearance and the surname "Mama," it is possible that she is a Nymph, similar to Betilla and Voodoo Mama.

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