The Snoring Tree

The Snoring Tree, as seen from a distance.

The Snoring Tree is a location in Rayman Origins that functions as the hub-world, as well as the location of the last level of the game, Land of the Livid Dead. Here, players can find all the costumes they unlocked by collecting Electoons, with the default costumes being placed in the same room as The Bubble Dreamer. He says random things when players yank on his beard, typically revolving around whatever costume the players are in.


The Snoring Tree was also the site of the battle between Rayman and friends and the Livid Dead, brought on thanks to The Magician planting a microphone disguised as a flower near Globox's sleeping position to disturb them into attacking, with Rayman and crew being imprisoned in cages within the Snoring Tree. When the crew freed themselves and the Bubble Dreamer, they learned from Murfy that the Bubble Dreamer went crazy and needs Electoons to return him back to normal.


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