Short Livingstones are enemies that appear in Rayman 1 in The Dream Forest, the first world of the game. Unlike their taller counterparts, they don't make an appearance in Rayman Origins.
Short Livingstones

Two Short Livingstones


Short Livingstones, much like their tall counterpart, have pale, green skin with a long, black mustache. These enemies have no arms or legs but have hands and feet, similar to Rayman. The Short Livingstones have small round bodies and wear a stereotypical, tan safari hat, with a brown band on it, that covers the top half of their face apart from their eyes. They have brown feet, shaped like Rayman's, and gloved hands. They also have long noses.


The Short Livingstones appear more violent towards Rayman compared to the Taller ones, as they will sometimes follow Rayman just to hit him with their hands.

How To Defeat Them

When you throw a punch at them, there is a high chance that they will duck, which means it is easier to use the tactic of laying down so that your fist comes back to you lower so that it hits them while they are ducking. When hit with a Golden fist, they fly up off the screen. If it is at the platform that is higher than the normal depth, you can defeat it at the right time even when they duck. If they don't look at the player, you can easily defeat him by sneaking a punch at him.

The Grimace has no effect on them unlike the Tall Livingstones.