Rayman, riding shell

Rayman riding a yellow shell (the walking missile) in Menhir Hills

Shells are living missiles that rayman can tame and ride. They are multiple colours, including: Yellow, Red, and Grey, and these have short silver legs, and most have a skull image painted on their backs.

It's possible for Rayman to tame Yellow Shells. First, he must approach it, and run while the Shell is chasing him. The Shell will be worn out for a few seconds, thus giving Rayman a chance to get on it and ride. However, if Rayman does not get on the Shell it will continue it's pursuit.

The Walking Missile

At the Menhir Hills, Rayman tames a famous yellow shell (dubbed The Walking Missile), and it begins to like him; you'll then ride this shell again a different points in the game. It is the shell you ride in the last level, and it appears in the final cinematic.


- Menhir Hills

- Iron Mountains

- Crow's Nest

- (Final Cinematic)


- Sprint/Run

- Climb Walls (Iron Mountains)

- Flying (Crow's Nest)

Types of Shells

Yellow Shell

Red Shell

Grey Shell