The original 3D concept for Kagalpha

Not much is known about his background lore but that he is a Hoodlum who was originally intended to appear in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, as a Hoodlum boss called the Kagalpha. He would have been fought in the Hoodlum Headquarters. For unknown reasons he was cut out from the final version of the game.

Now he remains in the Game Boy Advance adaptation of Rayman 3 as Scaleman where he is a boss who has so far made his first and only appearance there. With the final boss Grolgoth, he is one of the two bosses in the final world, the Pirate Stronghold. Rayman encounters him after the level "Creeping Chaos" in the level "Scaleman´s Keep".


He has 6 health points and a straight pattern that will never change but always hold on to. Before he starts any attack he puts his entire upper body into the bag connected to it. After every attack he comes back to his original form and gives Rayman the opportunity to hit him and cause one point of damage. If punched when standing still, Scaleman temporarily shrinks and runs back and forth. Rayman can now hurt Scaleman by stomping on him while he is shrunk. For the case that Rayman either didn´t hit Scaleman at all or that he missed the stomp onto him while he was shrunk Scaleman will repeat the last pattern. After getting hit for the third time Scaleman drops health.

  1. When he didn´t lose any health yet he will slowly roll across the screen
  2. When he lost one health point already he will slowly jump across the screen by doing small bounces
  3. When he lost two health points already he will slowly jump across the screen by doing large bounces
  4. When he lost three health points already he will quickly roll across the screen
  5. When he lost four health points already he will quickly jump across the screen by doing small bounces
  6. When he remains on one health point he will quickly jump across the screen by doing large bounces.

When defeated Scaleman swells and bursts like a balloon


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