Dr. Romeo Patti is a character from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc and the second of the three teensie doctors in which Rayman & Globox must reach to remove Andre from Globox's stomach. His office is located in the Land of the Livid Dead and is a stomach specialist.

Hoodlum Havoc

After Otto Psi fails to remove Andre from Globox's stomach, Otto recommends the two to Dr. Romeo Patti as Romeo is a 'stomach specialist'. However, the teensie highway is damaged, separating the two in the Bog of Murk. After Razoff gets distracted by Begoniax, the two use a magical mirror to get to the Land of the Livid Dead. Like Otto's office, Romeo's office too, is inavded by Hoodlums, but the area is closed off and Rayman must use a Shock Rocket to take out the Hoodlums one by one. Romeo, with Globox in predicament, drums Globox's stomach, which also fails to remove Andre, who is now lodged into Globox's cranium(also showing Globox's tinybrain). Romeo finally sends the two to the Desert of the Knaaren where Gonzo, a hollow cavity specialist is stationed.

Romeo reappears in the end of the Desert of the Knaaren where he performs group therapy alongside the two other doctors, successfully pushing Andre from Globox's stomach. However, the doctors fail to catch Andre and inform Rayman & Globox to find the Hoodlum Headquarters and stop Andre & Reflux.

Hoodlum's Revenge


Romeo has long purple hair, a yellow beanie with a flower on it, and sunglasses. He also talks like a surfer hippie as well as his fasion. He seems more laid back then the other two doctors.


The side profile of Romeo's office exterior bears direct reference to the Sydney Opera House, but is made from metal. It's also possible that Romeo scalvaged parts from the pirate ship from Rayman 2 as some of the patterns are identical.

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