Rocky Peaks

The Rocky Peaks is the fourth area of the Gameboy Color adaption of Rayman 1. It is split up into four different parts. Overall there are 6 cages in the entire area just as 6 hidden lives. It has some similarities to the Caves of Skops, the fifth world of Rayman 1:

Part 1

One cage, one bonus life and one bonus level can be found.

Part 2

One cage and one bonus life can be found. In this level Rayman has to take long routes and make clouds appear at the end of those. They unlock a shortcut and allow him to find the level end sign.

Part 3

Two cages, two bonus lives and one bonus level can be found. In this part Rayman can fly indefinitely long.

Part 4

Two cages and two bonus lives can be found. One of the cages can´t be found during the first visit.




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