A standard red Robo-Pirate Henchman

The Robo-Pirates are the primary antagonists of Rayman 2. Led by Admiral Razorbeard, they attempted to conquer Rayman's planet and to stop him from meddling with their plans. In Rayman Arena, there are two notable Robo-Pirates as unlockable characters: Henchman 1000 and Henchman 800.


The majority of Robo-Pirate Henchmen look very similar. Many have a skull-like face resembling the front of a steam engine with a single yellow eye (one being an empty black eye-patch like socket ), and they each wear a single earring. Their torsos are very angular in shape and covered with a tattered coloured vest, the colour depending on the model. They have two arms, both of which end in a cylinder-like structure. On one side, the cylinder is hollow - this is where they fire their bullets from. The other side has a large hook, which they often use for swiping at close range. On their legs they wear torn striped pants, similar in style to their vests. Their feet are basically black shoes with golden-ish buckles on them.


The pirates come in many different models, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Basic Henchman

The basic Henchman are the standard model, that come in different colours and have different weapons, but all look largely the same. They sometimes appear in the level by parachuting or drilling up through the ground. More than often they are found sleeping on the job. The Henchman 800 are the most common of the Basic Henchman.

Henchmen come in different colours designating their ranks:


These low ranking units have a green vest with green and white striped pants. They have very little health and generally just stand still and slowly shoot, however they sometimes throw powder kegs. In the PlayStation version, however, they have a lot of life, making them difficult to kill, but only ever throw kegs.


The Blue Henchmen are similar to the Greens, except with a different colour and lower levels of health. They appeared in Rayman 2, Rayman 3 (GBA), and Rayman DS at The Fairy Glade, The Sanctuary of Water and Ice or the Lost Island, and The Menhir Hills. The Blue Henchmen are the uncommon Henchman 800. The Blue Henchmen never appeared in Rayman Revolution. In the GBA version of Rayman 3, they do not move at all. they only appear in the mettleworks level and razor slide level, but instead of firing projectile they launch an electrified chained mace at Rayman and take about 3 punches to destroy.


Somewhere between the low ranks of green and purple are the silver units. They are more versitile in combat than the green ones, and fire fast lasers at torso, or ankle levels, But unlike other pirates, they can actually be knocked backwards by two immediate blows from Rayman. they only have 2 more hit points than the lesser green ones


These near medium ranked units are much like the Green Henchmen, except purple instead of green and they have much more life, and have brass hooks. Their bullets are often larger, and they have a habit of firing multiple bullets in quick succession. They move around a bit, sometimes jumping to dodge Rayman's attacks. In the PlayStation version, their bullets are the same but are always fired in sets of three, in between running back and forth. They have more life in the PlayStation version, but not as much as the Green Henchmen. They're given a similar appearance to the Blue Henchmen.


The Yellow Henchmen are the first co-medium rank and have much more life, but move very little. Instead of bullets, they launch streams of fire, which move very quickly, and also throw cannonballs which start a fire where they land which causes damage when Rayman walks on it. Yellow Henchmen do not appear in the PlayStation version, but are instead replaced with Orange Henchmen. The Orange Henchmen are the second co-medium rank and have more life, and move around a lot via their drills. They don't throw cannonballs, and instead of a fire stream, just shoot large fireballs.


The Penultimate to highest ranking units. they have a very high amount of health, and shoot large bullets (similar to the purple pirates' bullets), at near breakneck speed fire rate. they almost never stop running, nor jumping, making them very difficult to hit. They only appear in the PS2 version of Rayman 2.


[1][2] Members of the Robo-Pirate army these Henchmen, also known as Red Rum, are the absolute highest rank of the standard Henchmen, and appear with red vests and red and yellow stripes on their pants. In the original Rayman 2, they are the strongest Henchmen, but vary in some ways. Some of them have more health then all other henchmen and fire large cannonballs, usually three at a time. Other times they shoot the normal size cannonballs and drill through the ground, hoping to hit Rayman. One interesting feature of these Pirates is that they can instantly kill Rayman if he steps on the place from which they drill upwards from underground. In Rayman Revolution, they fire missiles which can home in on Rayman, but these can be destroyed by Rayman's shots.

Red Henchmen have lots of life. However, in the PlayStation version, their rank is inverted and they have very little life and fire only basic shots. Two Red Henchmen are used as the bodyguards in front of Razorbeard's cabin, even in the PlayStation version. Two of them (likely the same two) also drag Globox by his arms to his prison cell in the opening movie. Later on, one of the bodyguards puts his foot out to trip Razorbeard's Lackey, the spyglass pirate indicating that they may have some kind of personality, or at least a sense of humour. One red Henchman drives a warship in the Canopy sending in more troops to flank his target, eventually crashing it trying to attack Rayman only to have the latter shoot out it's engines causing it to explode.

Henchman 1000

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An older version of the Henchman 800. These types of robo-pirates are similar to the newer ones, but with a retro design and a fake mustasche. They have a hand on their right arm instead of a hook, and they are wearing a paper hat. These pirates usually speak Spanish (when they talk). Only one has been seen as an unlockable character in Rayman M. The Henchman 1000 main theme is country rock.

Zombie Henchmen

These are old pirates that have been wrecked and rusted, but still walk. Their vests are a pale, rotted yellow and one of their feet are missing. In addition, their hook hangs limply off the arm and  their eye is now shattered. As a result of their state, they don't move around very well and walk in a zombie-like manner (hence the name). Instead of shooting from their arm, the Zombie Henchmen breathe a green poisonous gas towards Rayman. Zombie Henchmen are very difficult to destroy, as when they appear to be dead, they get up again a few moments later, but a charged attack can cause them to explode, spreading the parts too far to reassemble. These are found in Rayman Revolution.

The Ninja Henchmen and Ninjaws

The Ninja Pirates are very similar to the others, but have a few notable appearance traits and abilities that make them very different. Ninjaws, while identical to his platoon, is seemingly the elite of them, and at one point returns to Razorbeard's cabin claiming to have captured 5000 slaves. In the PlayStation version of Rayman 2, Rayman battles Ninjaws for the Second Mask. Ninja Henchmen are more or less completely black and look a little less square. Their heads appear very different. Instead of a skull, it appears as a tall cylinder topped with a red bandana and gold hook on the right arm. Ninja Henchmen have a lot of life, and have the ability to vanish and then reappear somewhere else in a cloud of dust.

They either appear near Rayman and try to hook Rayman, or appear standing back more and try to shoot him. Sometimes they will teleport quickly to different places around Rayman while shooting, surrounding him with bullets. Their weakness is that their hooks are very heavy. If they miss, it gives Rayman an opportunity to attack. In Rayman Revolution, two can be seen in Razorbeard's cabin. Later on, they defend the two generators that power the shield at The Pirate Factory, and once the generators are destroyed, the Ninja Henchmen are no longer seen next to Razorbeard. Note: While fighting the Ninja Henchmen when trying to destroy the generators, the player can try to lure the Henchmen in the 3 lava pits that appear in the 2 areas that the henchmen are fought.

Gorilla Pirates ==

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The Gorilla Pirates are so named because of their similarities to an ape or gorilla, in both appearance and behaviour. they are very bulky, and where a blue and white striped shirt. they can not be hurt by Rayman's attacks, so usually the idea is to lure them off a cliff or ledge, or to throw a plum at their head and use it as a platform.

Barrel Pirate

The Barrel Pirates consist of a large barrel with legs, a cannon on top, and a slit with eyes inside. Sometimes they are found disguising themselves, as the slit can be closed and the legs can be withdrawn. In this state, they just look like a barrel and a cannon. Their attacks differ from version to version. On the PlayStation version, they simply fire sets of three large balls of electricity. In Rayman Revolution however, they fire bolts of lightning that can only be avoided by hiding behind something. In this version, they also launch cannonballs, similar to those used by the yellow henchmen, only it uses a poisonous gas instead of fire. One thing that is consistent in each version is their large amount of life

The Spyglass Pirate


A very high ranking pirate, charged with carrying out Admiral Razorbeard's orders. He is unarmed, although his arms are very similar to a typical Henchman's, except with ordinary hands. His body consists of two rough cubes, the lower one larger than the top. The lower cube has the legs sticking out of it and a pair of green pants. His head is a basic cube with an opening for a mouth and a red head bandana with tiny white spots everywhere. Although he has no weapons, he still causes Rayman trouble. Acting on Razorbeard's command, he drives the Warships which pursue Rayman throughout the game. He also controls Clark at one point via remote control, as well as a the Robot Dinosaur in the same manner. Also, in Rayman Revolution, he controls a hemispherical vehicle called the Boss Biditank. His head looks similar to Mr. Clay from Rayman 1 because he has a large lower jaw and dot-eyed except he doesn't wear a bandana, his face doesn't appear similar colour to normal clay and a few hairs sticking out at the top of his head.

Post Rayman 2

After Rayman 2, Robo-pirates became extremely rare due to Polokus destroying a large majority of them on land, with the survivors most likely in hiding. Also, all the Robo-pirate factories were shut down, and the Warships destroyed.