Rigatoni is a large man who appeared as the main antagonist in Rayman: The Animated Series. He is the owner of a big and successful circus, with LacMac as the star of each show. He refers to the performers as "freaks" and treats them horribly, even locking them up in a cage. His patience is tested when Rayman refuses to do tricks for him. Admiral Razorbeard works for him as well, not as a performer, but more of a right-hand man. After Rayman and his friends escape the circus, he hires Inspector Grub to find and catch them.


  • In the first episode, where Rayman refuses to do tricks for Rigatoni, he is seen whirling his body around like a basketball behind Razorbeard's (Or Rigatoni's) back. This proved that he did a trick without someone telling or forcing him.

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