Red Monks are hazards from Rayman 1. Red Monks are only seen in Band Land, the second world. It is
Bongo Monk

Bongo Monk in Rayman Advance

unknown if the Red Monks wish to do any harm, or if they work for Mr. Dark at all. It is unknown if Red Monks are even living things! The Red Monks are always floating in mid-air. Red Monks do not directly hurt Rayman, for they DO make him slip and fall on certain occasions. Red Monks cannot be killed or damaged, or even be hit by a punch for that matter.


Red Monks are just about what they seem. Their legs are always crossed and their eyes are always closed. The have noses similar to Rayman Due to this, it is possible that Red Monks are Raypeople. This idea is also supported by the fact that they have no arms, although they do have legs. Red Monks always have a smile on their face. Red Monks have long, flowing, red robes on their bodies, and a red hat with a yellow tim on their seemingly bald heads. They wear yellow pants, with their bare feet showing. The Red Monks are pretty large in size, about two Raypeople tall.

Bongo Red Monks

Bongo Red Monks are the most common type. These Monks lift Bongos from their face (making it seem like have the eyes on the Bongo), to their sides. They do this to allow Rayman to jump on them. The player must watch his or her timing, for if someone jumps at the wrong moment, they can slip and fall to their death.

Pearl Chain Red Monks

These Monks are less common than the Bongo ones. This type usually is holding a shiny, big, blue pearl near his chest. This pearl is big enough for Rayman to jump on. The Monk then pulls the pearl out, like an accordion, and an arching chain of pearls is created, which Rayman can also walk on.

Pearl Throwing Red Monks

These Monks have the same kind of pearl described above, except much bigger. There is only one of these types of Monks in the game, and is not even in the Rayman Advance remake. This Monk juggles the pearl, very quickly, from his left hand, to his head, to his right hand, and on and on.

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