Red globox

Red Globox is a playable character in Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. He is the second character (and one of the three, playable Glutes) unlocked after 8 Electoons have been rescued. And the third Glute character to be advailable in Legends once 9,000 Lums have been collected


"Once Globox's original color, he turned blue due to a misadventure involving fruit picking and bees." Rayman Legends

He's shares the same look as Globox, just red instead of blue. He is not an individual Glute, just himself as a different color. According to Rayman Origins, Globox's backstory of how he became blue, reveals he was once a Red Wizard. One day, he was eating berries in a bush. He mistook a blue mosquito's eye for a berry. After some failed attempts to get the eye, he swallowed the mosquito whole.

Inside of Globox, the mosquito buzzed for help, resulting in a swarm of mosquitos to arrive and sting Globox, leaving numerous blue welts, with the color of these welts later becoming absorbed into his skin, resulting in Globox's iconic skin color.

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