Rayman, one of the most well known Raypeople.

It is known that Rayman is not the only one of his kind. As seen in the first game, Rayman, there are others that are like him. They all share the same features of large, round noses, and are all limbless. There have been sightings of seven other Raypeople besides Rayman. They include:

However, only four Raypeople interact with Rayman. Tarayzan gives Rayman a magic bean to grow flowers, the Musician gives Rayman the temporary power to fly for as long as he wants, Dark Rayman is Rayman's enemy in Candy Chateau, and the Magician lets Rayman play mini-games.


  • In Rayman Origins, it appears that Rayman is one-of-a-kind, with other former Raypeople (such as the Magician) having been redesigned as Teensies instead. However in Rayman Legends there are playable Raypeople such as Sir Rayelot or Rayomz. Although similar in appearance to Rayman, it is strongly implied that these characters are different individuals and not just Rayman in different clothing. Rayman is also revealed to be a creation of the Nymphs, suggesting that his parents in the old games may have adopted him or that they have been retconned.
  • Raypeople seem to be short, compared with humans.