Raymesis in Rayman Origins.

Raymesis (also known as Dark Rayman and DarkRay) is a member of Rayman's species that dresses like Rayman in order to tarnish his reputation.

Rayman Origins

Raymesis appears as an unlock able character in Rayman Origins. 220 Electoons are needed before he becomes available for use. After him is Glombrox.

When Raymesis speaks to the Bubble Dreamer, he makes fun of his ugliness, and blames that on Mr. Dark from the first game. It is unknown whether he was joking or confused him with Bad Rayman. he is called "DarkRay' in this game/

Rayman Legends


Raymesis as seen in Legends

Raymesis appears in Legends, also being an unlockable character as he was in Origins, retaining his appearance from said game. He is called "Raymesis" here.