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Hello and welcome to the new Rayman Wiki! This site is fairly new and has only a few articles, it would be much appreciated if you could contribute any information to this Wiki. Please do not try and disrupt this site and place false information as it can be deleted and edited to the right information. Please have fun here and enjoy yourselves!

Did You know?

  • Rayman was originally called Jimmy but the idea was dropped.
  • That Rayman originally had limbs, but due to difficulties with the graphical process, he lost the limbs.
  • Rayman is one of the first video game protagonists without limbs, the first being Plok.
  • That a Hoodlum just counted to the number 4.
  • That Rayman and Ly's purple colors are changed to blue in Japan, because, in Japan, Purple is the, "color of the Dead."
  • Rayman M was changed to Rayman Arena because most parents thought the M stood for Mature, when it really stood for Multiplayer.

What's new on Rayman Wiki

Hey guys, I hope you haven't forgotten me D: This is Shiny Lucario, except, with a new account (Couldn't get into my other one >.<). My first comment is the amazing job you did with the wiki! It's sooo much better than when it started! I wish I could promote you guys but obviously I don't have the power to do that D: But with an unlimited number of thank you's for all the help, I bid you a good night (Or day, wherever you live :P).

Shiny New Lucario

I remember joining a few months ago and it wasn't as good as it has gotten! Good job guys this wiki is going really well.


Well then, it seems I'm left to edit and make this site awesome... where are the contributors?... :(

Sincerely, TheNoid

Hey there its me Crashdude55! Just to announce that I have officially joined now. This site is coming on well and we even have a logo! ^^
Ever since me and Crystal got here we have gotten OVER 50 new articles. Thanks to all the users who helped us bring this wiki back from the dead. Keep editing and we will have more users then we ever imagined. Your probably tired of reading my little speech but im REALLY happy that we got that many articles. Also im announcing that Crystal lucario is trying to adopt the wiki so he will be an admin then he will make me an admin. Maybe one of you will ALSO be an admin =). Sincerley, Shiny Lucario

Getting MOAR users...
We are sorta getting this place cleaned and up we got PLENTY of pages and pictures comin'. So, hang around, kay?
Myself (User:Crystal_lucario) and my pal User:Shinylucario are making pages and fixing the place up. Though nobody cares because nobody but us is here. Even a certain Sysop who needs to delete some stuff... *Cough* User:Admiral Razorbeard *Cough* If somebody knows him get him to check up on this place...
I moved all the info from the article called Rayman and moved it to Rayman (character) so that there can be a Rayman (series) so we don't get it mixed up! I hope that's ok with the person who created that article, feel free to change it back if you prefer!
We are getting this Wiki sorted now. We just need a few more articles and an image of Rayman and hey-presto, we have it done!

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