Rayman raving rabbids box art.


The game starts out with Rayman getting attacked by the Rabbids and becoming one of their prisoners. Rayman is then brought to agony jail, but with the help of Murfy, He gets his hands back (which the the Rabbids took away to prevent his escape) and escapes the jail. Rayman goes to a small village and meets Ly the fairy, who explains to Rayman that the Rabbids were once a cuddily and cute race, but have since changed after they were mistreated. Now, the Rabbids have come out of the ground and are hungry for revenge.


  • Rayman: Can grab purple lums, fly with his "hellicopter hair" and punch enemies.
  • Funky: With this costume, Rayman has a very powerful, glowing fist, that is more powerful than his normal fist.
  • Grannny: Distracts the Rabbids that are guarding doors by putting a carrot on the floor.
  • Punk: Can attach his chewing gum to a log and create a bouncy platform, and can attack his enemies with chewing gum.
  • Gangster: Capable of performing a powerful jump attack.
  • Rocker : Quick, and powerful, close attacks.


Murfy, Globox, Rayman, The Rabbids, Rabbid Bosses, Ly.



  • Child's play
  • The kids' hamlet
  • Toy box (bonus level)
  • The toy chase
  • Celestial castle


  • Dream forest
  • The leafy valley
  • The lush mountaintops (bonus level)
  • Colonial jungle
  • Hidden burrow


  • Stomach Circuit
  • Gastric rivers
  • Living cavern
  • The sticky lair


  • The desert of desserts
  • Cake race
  • The sweet islands
  • Tart tunnels (bonus level)
  • Not a piece of cake!
  • Ginger-bunny-bread


  • Filthy corridors
  • Agony jails
  • Infernal escape


This version of the game features an original soundtrack, it is possible that this soundtrack is based upon the same soundtrack that was to be included in the cancelled Rayman 4.


Many fans where dissapointed by the home console version as it was not a platforming advanture like many previous titles. It should also be noted that the game itself is most likely based off a cancelled prototype (Rayman 4) which was originally to be a platformer and true sequel to Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. This game allong with the DS version (See: Rayman Raving Rabbids DS Version) would be the last brand-new Rayman platformer until Rayman Origins. GameSpot reviewed the game by stating: "Rayman Raving Rabbids on the GBA returns the titular hero to his platforming roots, but the game itself is so rote and uninteresting that it's hard to care all that much". Overall Rayman Raving Rabbids on the GBA received mixed to negative reviews.

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