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Rayman Brain Games

Boxart for Rayman Brain Games

Rayman Brain Games is an educational platformer created by Ubisoft for the Sony PlayStation. It is somewhat of a sequel to Rayman 1, but more of a spin-off. It was released in 2001.


Mr. Dark has stolen The Magician's Magic Book of Knowledge and Rayman is charged with retrieving it.


  • Art Alley
  • Pebble Peril
  • Copter Candy
  • Ring Rhapsody
  • Eraser Rebound
  • Butterweed Bog
  • Rocky Road
  • Slick Slopes
  • Crazy Caves
  • Rising Tides
  • Percussion Path
  • Tasty Chase
  • Mr. Dark's Lair

Voice Cast

  • Steve Perkinson - Rayman
  • Brigette Guedj - Betilla the Fairy
  • Gerald Loussine - The Magician
  • Douglas Rand - Mr Dark


  • In this game, it was revealed that the Magician doesn't have eyes.
  • The European counterpart is Rayman Junior, which has a different voice cast.

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