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Rayman Activity Centre is an educational spin-off of Rayman 1. This was created by Ubi Soft Entertainment, and was released on the year 2000 for Windows. The game holds many mini games or activities to teach kids numbers and literacy.


The basic of this game is to teach kids ages 4-6 numbers & literacy. The activities teach kids many things and the kids will have fun playing this game.

The Magic Kingdom (Activities)

  • The Magic Letters
  • The Clown in Love
  • The Giant Dominoes
  • The Clown's Numbers
  • The Storm
  • The Cartoon Dance
  • The Echoing Caves
  • The Magic Rubbers
  • The Funny Photographer
  • Hide & Seek
  • The Island of Strange Numbers
  • The Fruit Merry Go Round
  • The Island of Magic Bubbles
  • Joe's Painting Studio
  • Betilla's House
  • Piranha World
  • Betilla the Fairy's Sing Along


  • This game is based on Rayman 1 while the French version Rayman Accompangement Scolaire is based on Rayman 2 & Rayman The Animated Series.
  • In Hide & Seek it is shown The Magician does not have eyes.
  • The Magician has British accent instead of his original voice.
  • The characters use the word bravo a lot.
  • There are two new characters that are introduce, Joe the Cricket & The Clown in Love.
  • The Magician calls the Red Monk his friend meaning that there alive & did not work for Mr Dark & also didn't want to bring harm to Rayman in Rayman 1.


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