Rayman 3 is the Nintendo Gameboy Advance counterpart of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. It was released at the same time as Hoodlum Havoc and can be connected to the Nintendo Gamecube version to play special bonus games. Oddly, the game shares most of its graphics and audio with Rayman 2: The Great Escape, and gameplay with the original Rayman, having very little in common with the console Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. It is believed that this game was developed as a GBA version of Rayman 2 before being rebranded as the current game.


The game starts with Globox accidentally swallowing a Black Lum (not Andre) when trying to save the Teensies. Rayman finds out about this, causing him to scold his friend and decide that they should find a way to remove the evil lum, but when Globox runs away instead, Rayman goes after him. Meanwhile, onboard "The Buccaneer", Admiral Razorbeard, the leader of the Robo-Pirate army and main antagonist of Rayman 2: The Great Escape/Revolution/DS, decides to steal the lum and use its power to his advantage.

The game ends with Rayman confronting Razorbeard and his weapon, the Grolgoth, in a battle similar to that found at the end of Rayman 2. Rayman manages to beat him (this time for good), and Globox, now without the Black Lum in his stomach, brags to his children that he was the one who "single-handedly" saved the day.


Forgotten Forests

  • Wanderwood Forest
  • Shining Glade
  • Swamps of Begoniax I
  • Garish Gears (Boss Stage)
  • Hoodlum Hideout
  • Mega Havoc 1 (Bonus)

Haunted Dreams

  • Magma Mayhem
  • Vertigo Wastes
  • Void of Bones
  • Jano's Nest (Boss Stage)
  • Prickly Passage
  • Ly's Punch Challenges 1 (Bonus)
  • Swamps of Begoniax II
  • Mega Havoc 2 (Bonus)


  • River of Fire
  • The Underlands
  • Boulder Brink
  • Den of Rocky (Boss Stage)
  • Wretched Ruins
  • Wicked Flow
  • Mega Havoc 3 (Bonus)

Pirate Stronghold

  • Creeping Chaos
  • Scaleman's Keep (Boss Stage)
  • The Mettleworks
  • Magma Mayhem II
  • Razor Slide
  • Mega Havoc 4 (Bonus)
  • Lum Challenge (Bonus)
  • Ly's Punch Challenges 2 (Bonus)
  • Heart of the Ancients


Known Glitches

Name Location Video
Out of Bounds The Mettleworks
Out of Bounds The Underlands

Differences from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (console versions)

  • Razorbeard is the main antagonist of the game, instead of Andre.
  • Reflux is completely absent from this game, as is the rest of the Knaaren race.
  • Ly the Fairy is present, whereas in Hoodlum Havoc she appeared only as a statue in The Longest Shortcut.
  • The game is a two-dimensional sidescroller, similar to Rayman 1.
  • Murfy is friendly and helpful, unlike in Hoodlum Havoc where he was sarcastic and useless without the Manual.
  • This is the first Rayman game where Rayman can "ground pound" He can also do it in Rayman Origins/Legends.
  • The special Combat Cans are absent (however the Super Helicopter ability is possible with the use of Blue Lums).
  • Globox is only seen in the game during cutscenes.
  • The Black Lum that Globox swallows is not Andre, but rather just a random Black Lum.
  • Hoodlums appear in only two levels, causing the game's name to be changed from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc to simply Rayman 3.

It could be said that this is a prequel to Hoodlum Havoc, but set after Rayman 2, especially seen as Razorbeard's body is found in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.