Box Art

Rayman 2 (GBC) is an adaptation of Rayman 2: The Great Escape that was released for the Game Boy Color. Despite the fact that Rayman 2 was a big hit, this game is rarely known about, even to Rayman audiences. It was released under the title Rayman 2: Forever in Europe with slightly different box art. The title screen of this game says Rayman 2: The Great Escape even though the box and the audiences regard it as Rayman 2 (GBC).


Admiral Razorbeard has attacked Rayman's world and captured him. While Rayman is sitting in the brig, his old friend Globox is captured as well and thrown into the cell. Little do the pirates realize that this is what the fairies want. Globox gives Rayman a silver lum which restores some of his powers and the two escape.

Now it is up to Rayman to restore the heart of the world by collecting the 800 lums it was broken into. He must also find the four masks of Polokus so that he might be able to even the score with pirates.


This game plays exactly like Rayman (GBC) except with minor differences. The player must reach the goal by platforming while collecting all the lums they can. This time Rayman starts the game with all of his powers unlike the first game. When the game is completed, the player can revisit any stage to find lums or any missed cages. Once the player reaches 100% completion, they unlock a new map where they can select any of the bonus levels to be played again.

Version Differences

This game has several differences from the original Rayman 2.

  • A Robo-Pirate only appears twice in the game: once as a mini-boss and again as the final boss.
  • There are no Mask Guardians. The mask waits for Rayman at the end of certain levels and just has to be grabbed to make the exit appear.
  • There are only 800 lums to be acquired unlike the original 1000. This is probably due to the lack of levels.
  • Admiral Razorbeard does not appear in the gameplay and does not have a boss fight. He only appears in the cutscenes.