Rayman 2 Revolution

Rayman Revolution American boxart

Rayman 2: Revolution, sometimes called Rayman: Revolution, is a 2000 Sony PlayStation 2 remake of Rayman 2: The Great Escape. It was a launch title for the console and the first of three Rayman games for the system, the others being Rayman M and Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.


The plot follows Rayman 2: The Great Escape with some differences to accommodate new levels and areas.

Before the events of the game, Rayman and Globox attempt to repel a Robo-pirate invasion, but once the Heart of the World is broken into 1000 Yellow Lums, Rayman loses his powers and is defeated. Imprisoned, he reunites with Globox, who restores his ability to perform a weak punch, but it is enough to break him and Globox out of prison. They fall off the ship, and Rayman traverses the Woods of Light; a Grand Minimus spirits him to The Front, where Rayman is able to find entrances to all of the levels in the game. Rayman must travel through the levels, collecting Yellow Lums and destroying Robo-pirates in his attempt to save the world.

Differences Between Rayman 2: The Great Escape and Rayman 2: Revolution

  • The Hall/Isle of Doors is replaced by a central hub, known as The Front, in which players walk through freely and discover the game. The Front features music exclusively composed for the remake, new characters, Yellow Lums, and some enemies. After a level is beaten, a magic door to that level appears in the Teensies' Stone Circle.
    • Level entrances are no longer solely portals, as the first time Rayman finds a level, its entrance is directly accessed from a location in The Front. Thus, when exiting prior-cleared levels, Rayman can either jump into the warp at the beginning, taking him to a Teensie Circle, or simply exit the level, which will take him to the appropriate location in The Front.
  • Razorbeard still eats the 1000th Yellow Lum, but it is now considered a regular Lum to be collected in-game through the use of a new item: the Lums Radar.
  • Rayman can't shoot balls of energy from his fists until he frees the Teensies in The Woods of Light. Instead, Globox gives him a weak punch which only lasts through the escape sequence and the Woods of Light.
  • An upgrade shop has been added to the game. Now Rayman can spend the Yellow Lums he already collected at the Magic Wells located near the Teensies' Stone Circles. Upgrades include the ability to run while carrying a heavy object and improved fists techniques.
    • Due to this, Rayman's default abilities were slightly gimped. Before upgrading, his shots never rebound, he cannot charge his fist, and he shoots from only 1 hand at a time- the changed animation for shooting causes the rate of fire to be drastically slowed down.
  • The major graphical upgrade was that most 2-dimensional objects featured in The Great Escape have been replaced with 3D models or entirely retextured.
  • The Cave of Bad Dreams no longer contains Yellow Lums and can't be revisited.
  • Rayman no longer receives the fourth mask of Polokus when he saves the Baby Globoxes from the Pirate Mines (an abridged version of the original game's Iron Mountains). Instead, he receives the Raindance Mask, which gives Rayman the ability to summon rain just like Globox. He receives the fourth mask by defeating Grolem 13, who was not present in the original game, at the Iron Mountains.
  • Several levels have been edited to include Rayman's Raindance ability. The most notable change is in The Fairy Glade, where the secret area is no longer accessed through The Echoing Caves.
  • Major changes have been made to the order and structure of the levels. One big difference is that Rayman doesn't have to visit The Marshes of Awakening until after he meets Clark in The Menhir Hills, and the entrance to The Cave of Bad Dreams is located near the Teensie Cage. The Precipice also now takes place before the Echoing Caves.
  • Rayman doesn't receive a health upgrade automatically when he breaks ten cages. Rayman now frees Familiar Spirits instead of Lums (N64/PC/DC) or Ludivs, Murphys (PSX). If he frees ten Familiar Spirits, he gains access to a new minigame that he can visit by talking to Ly. When Rayman gathers all the Red Lums under the given time limit, then he receives the health upgrade.
  • The Top of the World has been removed and the chair section has been expanded into one of Ly's minigames.


  • Along with the PSX version, the Sony versions of Rayman 2 are the only ones to feature full voice acting. However, the voice acting differs from the PSX version, and it is possible to select "Raymanian" in the voice acting language menu. This option mostly restores the original game's gibberish voices with a few subtle differences.
  • To date, it is the only full remake of the game that significantly alters regular gameplay, as opposed to a port or re-release. As the original game was released on the N64/PC, enhanced ports include PSX and DC, and re-releases include NDS, 3DS, and iOS. Revolution uses a new rendering engine (RenderWare), allowing for dynamic shadows, higher poly models, and more lighting effects, along with new music, new controls, and new abilities.