Rayman’s species, are often nicknamed Limbless, Raypeople, or Thingamajigs, are a species of humanoid creatures of which Rayman is a member of, defined by their trademark characteristic of having no limbs. Like Rayman, they have different origins depending on the game

Rayman, one of the most well known Raypeople.

being played.

Rayman 1

In the first Rayman game, the Limbless seem to be normal, common inhabitants of The Valley.

Rayman 2

Rayman's species is not present in The Glade of Dreams, and Rayman appears to be the only of his kind, Polokus not knowing where he came from.

Rayman Origins and Legends

Rayman seems to be the only of his kind for some time, being the first created, by Betilla.

In Rayman Legends, the alternate skins for Rayman’s model are stated to be seperate individuals and not Rayman in a costume, presumably created by Polokus or the nymphs some time after the events of Rayman Legends.


  • The large-nosed variety of Limbless folk seem to be quite short in comparison to other species/ such as Fairies (limbed or otherwise).
  • Rayman is reffered to as a "thingamajig" by Betilla in the Rayman Origins debut trailer.